ten years as an M.D.

outfit details~
Crochet top, Dottie Couture boutique
pencil skirt, nordstrom rack, exact one
halogen flats, thrifted via eBay, similar
le Specs sunnies


happy third birthday, Lucy!

Dear Lucy,
I love taking your pictures. You are like wonderman. Hands-on-the-hips pose is a must for you! You are also the master of looking away from the camera. Could you please teach me how to do it naturally?

Funny how these pictures here have your hair up. Because 97.23489345% of the time you have your hair down and in front of your face. Not that your dada and I are not fixing your hair. But because you like taking off the hair ties. We lose a hair tie a day. Where do you put them? In the trash can? Underneath couch cushions? Those things are not free, sweetheart.

You still love carrying your pillow for comfort. It all started back in the Philippines last year. It has to be that Hello Kitty pillow as well!  This letter reminds me to throw it in the wash asap. It is quite... filthy and stinky.

The things I love about you~
You are so spunky! You make sure you are heard.
The way you call  me "mom". It gives me chills because it's like a teen-you is calling me.
You wait until everybody is asleep and then you hang out with me late in the night. It's just you and me in a quiet house.

Here are my requests this year:
Let's be a team and work on this potty-training thing. Are you on-board?
If you do shift your sleeping times and not wake up at 9a, then I will be able to sign you up for preschool. Won't that be fun? I see you playing with other children your age at church gatherings. You enjoy it. I am not rushing you at all though. You will be in school soon enough. I am just enjoying slow mornings with you when your older sibs are in school.
Just keep being you! I love your hugs, kisses and giggles!

Praying for a wonderful year for you. Happy third birthday!


Lucy's birth story
part I... II..., III...
your first birthday
your second birthday

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denim {June open to interpretaion}

outfit details ~
Levis, high rise, busted knees
madewell tunic
bracelet, from my aunts, from the Philippines
tank, Loft


week recap

top with ruffle sleeves, DCB
pencil skirt, nordstrom rack
Manolo pumps, similar
Chloe drew
necklace, jcrew factory


first day of summer

// sandals for less than $15 //

chambray madewell top, supposed to fit oversized. I love the pleating in front. Since my shorts are high-waisted, I tied a knot in front of the top.
shorts, nordstrom rack, exact ones
sandals, fave this summer. I have been wearing them more than my saltwaters
Jcrew factory bangle


what a pink birthday

// bracelets //

floral dress, RP collection
Chanel flap
bracelet, from French Lick, Indiana


seven quick takes

// silver d'orsay pumps below //

I am linking up with Kelly for seven quick takes.

1. recap of our week
Baseball is over. Lil D had his last game Monday.   They were down 0-9 but only lost 11-12. I am sad I was not there to cheer him on. The other three had swim lessons and we already missed one  class a week before because of baseball.

2. Lucy is getting more and more comfortable with the  water. She still won't float on her back or relax fully but at least she does not cry and fuss about getting in the pool. Baby steps... we are slowly getting there.

The other three are loving the water. Lucas wants to jump in the water with his sibs. We did not sign him up since a parent has to be in the water with the babies.

3. I wore this outfit for a photo shoot for work. My theories for getting selected:
- I am a female physician.
- I am Asian.
- I am short.
I have to represent the minority.

Black and blue are power colors. I love pink but I chose not to wear pink.  Instead I went with my second favorite color - Colts blue.

I did not wear these heels for the photo shoot! I went with my trusty Mary Jane clogs. They gave me height but they are more "believable" for a female physician. Although I have been known to  wear heels in clinic.


ten bags i've sold and why

1. Chanel small double flap bag

What I loved about this bag~
It is a pre-2008 Chanel bag which means the  chain is 24K gold-plated.

Why I sold it~
It was tiny. The small flap bag is tiny to begin with then the double flap made it even harder to close when I filled it to its capacity.
It is lambskin. When I sold it, I was still unsure about lambskin. I was so afraid to use it because I might scratch it even more.

Will I buy it again~
Probably not. The size is too small for me.

2. Celine mini luggage

What I loved about this bag~
It's Celine! It is structured. I love the suede interior.

Why I sold it~
I got this preloved so I was not the first owner. There were no stains or marks but the leather already softened. The bag lost its structure that I really like. When placed down, the bag slouches. 
It is heavy! I do not have anything inside and the bag already weighs at least 3 lbs.

Will I buy it again~
Yes! In fact, that's why I sold this red one to put the money to a "newer" preloved Celine luggage. I got this one and the structure is intact!

3. Louis Vuitton Brea in epi leather

What I loved about this bag~
It was my first epi leather from Louis Vuitton.
It is a doctor bag inspired silhouette.

Why I sold it~
I found myself not reaching for it as much as my other bags. I kept it for about a year since I had the idea of selling it. When the idea won't go away and I found other bags on my wishlist, I finally sold it.  So it's just really a preference. There's nothing wrong with the bag. It's functional - both hand carry and shoulder bag option.

Will I buy it again~
Probably not.


get ready to wear your stars and stripes

These are the items I got for the family! Can't beat the $5 tee-shirt price and flip flops for less than $5. We will be showcasing these items way, way before 4th of July.  Stay tuned for a cheesy, matchy-matchy family photo soon.

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our favorite ice cream shops in Indy

// floral pants //

// outfit deets //
Jcrew bell sleeve top, sold out ~ this is similar with off shoulder
Floral pants, bought last year, Old Navy
Chanel flats, similar


you are not alone

// pencil skirts //

work outfit details ~
RP smocked top, sold out, similar
skirt, macy's
Prada pumps, similar
Chanel mini flap bag
earrings from @thefoodpassionista


parroquia virgen de milagrosa y parque de kennedy

// outfit details //

Love this oldie top from ON, 100% cotton! Another option here for less than $15.
shorts, Jcrew
Toms, similar but polka dots. mine are old
backpack, similar or exact one
sunglasses, similar for less than $10!!!


weekend recap

// Hello Kitty toddler and girls tops //

detalye ng aking damit~
{outfit details}
old HK top
shorts, Nordstrom? ASOS? I don't remember. but here's one similar
madewell sandals
crossbody bag, similar
sunglasses, similar and less than $10

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