hbd derrick

Derrick spoils me. ⁣

That’s simply understating how this man embodies the love language of “acts of service.”⁣

He’s the kindest, most patient and loving person I know. I pray daily that I love and serve like him. It’s because he loves like Christ; how Christ loves his bride, the Church. ⁣

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fertility awareness aka natural family planning


It’s NFP awareness week. For my non-Catholic friends. NFP = natural family planning. ⁣

Key points⁣

πŸ—“ Not the rhythm method ⁣

πŸ’‘ Best to call it fertility awareness⁣

🌑 We use the sympto-thermal method⁣

πŸ“ Recording temps and symptoms and interpreting the graph⁣

🍭 🌈 It’s not all lollipops and rainbows ⁣

You probably don’t want to hear what I have to say about NFP or fertility awareness as I have 6 kids already. Lol. ⁣

Because we practice fertility awareness, we know when five out of our 6 babies were conceived. ⁣

Yes we had one mishap of interpreting my cycle with one of the babes because I was postpartum and breastfeeding. But once we found out we were pregnant, we were able to pinpoint on the graph - well that was obviously phase II. ⁣

Phase II means - fertile window. ⁣

If you want to have a baby, go for it. ⁣

If you want to delay a pregnancy, then stay away. 😝

@derrick49ers and I learned the tedious symptothermal method apparently. There’s a class now that teaches simplified way of interpreting the different phases. Once we started graphing and paying attention to my cycle (hence fertility awareness) we were able to predict and then confirm with the basal body temps and mucus observations the different phases. Again breastfeeding can change length of those cycles. So lots of re-learning about my body when breastfeeding.

There are other NFP methods. ⁣

Creighton method⁣

Marquette method ⁣

Billings method

PROs of NFP⁣

It takes two to make a baby right? ⁣

@derrick49ers records temps.

I’m aware of the different phases and so is he. ⁣

Once I’ve accepted being open to life, i embraced the hard newborn phase. The babies are the gift! Not everyone like the sleep deprived state, but I endure it. Because I get to kiss a baby! ⁣

CONs of NFP⁣

πŸ’‹ Abstaining requires lots of prayer. ⁣

Prayer is not the con. ⁣

Self control or lack thereof is the Con. ⁣

Just like our bodies are made differently, NFP is different for every couple. One’s family planning may not even include NFP. That doesn’t make them less of a Catholic. It’s one of the hardest teachings (maybe even the hardest period) of the Catholic Church.May this post serve as an awareness post and sharing of our journey. Once we have decided to get off the pill, following NFP gave us peace. I didn’t even learn about NFP until I got married! I truly wish I knew about it beyond the textbook and actually apply it in my own life before I got married.

Here are a few places to learn more about NFP and the different methods and how it has changed and shaped couples and families and their faith.

@youmeandnfp @mycreightonjourney @nfpcoach @nfp_resources @kwhitaker96 has a saved highlights on her stories. My fave blog post EVAH is No H8, educate by my friend @carolyn_svellerella.

Here’s the link

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the positives of this pandemic

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Divine Mercy Sunday, Second Sunday of Easter
black dress, old
Giavitto Rossi - plexi pump, midheel
Ruby Woo lipstick my fave RED lipstick

Elisabetta: dress Old Navy, Toms
Lucia: dress, from the Philippines, Old Navy booties, ON cardigan


entering holy week {wiws}

My dress, RP collection
my first pair of Christian Louboutin 4 years old now
similar here and here

Children dressed by my husband/stylist
Daniele~ Old Navy polo and khakis.  Adidas sneakers
Luca~ Polo Ralph Lauren hand me down, Old Navy pants
Elisabetta~ J&J blouse, ON jeggings, sandals c/o FP
Nash~ baby Gap polo shirt hand me down

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slow down {wiws}

Our Sunday's Best with Mass online
The girls loved matching.
I loved my 4 inch stilletos. I made it for the entire hour.

matching floral dresses, thanks to Old Navy
super high heeled red soles, Christian Louboutin
Ruby Woo lipstick
open cardigan, gap, old


it's a beautiful day to save lives

top @medthusiast
Joggers, VS pink
Le Specs sunnies
Adidas sneakers
Patagonia better sweater
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mass @ home for laetere sunday {wiws linkup}

What we wore
Me: NYCo tunic sweater 
Patagonia vest
Birdies flats, Nordstrom has these cheetah print 25% off. That's amazing! I have a lot of cheetah print already.. So not sure I can justify another pair....

Belle: H&M dress, Old Navy Cardigan (still 50% sitewide on ON), Toms
Nash: Janie and Jack onesie, Old Navy pants, socks via amazon
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let's lighten things up

 A little stir crazy here.
There is no routine.
There is no norm.

1.  Since stores have closed, there's lots of online sales going on. Like Old Navy with its 50% off. We may not be able to celebrate Easter Sunday with our parish. But we will dress up and celebrate at home.

My picks are below.
My dress
Girls Dress
Boys polo shirt

2.  We gave in  to Disney+
I signed up today. We are a newbie Disney+ family.
We are on our second movie. Aladdin first... Now the Lion King.  My husband said that with Frozen II on repeat, we will get our money's worth for the subscription. Any suggestions for movie or show marathons? Do you have Disney+? What is your favorite thing about it?

3. My favorite Tarte concealer is on sale today. Only $13.50. That's an awesome price. It's great to stock up now.  Here are my faves for the next few days of the 21 days of beauty sale.

Lipstick Queen 3/24 Tuesday
Clinique Blended Face Powder and brush 3/26 Thursday
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair moisturizer 3/27 Friday
Clinique Mascara 3/30 Monday

4.  I have been doing well with anxiety but being cooped up inside the house with a change in our routine got me all stir-crazy.
Ways I would like to focus more on God and others and let go of the worrying.
~livestream Mass
~doodle (Scripture...  and also with Mo Willems and my kids)
~listen to my audiobooks.
~ listen to podcasts for continuing medical education (not the ongoing pandemic, but neurology)
~use my big camera more.
~ good ole exercise. I haven't been moving much being stuck inside the home and doing school from home.

5. Speaking of audiobooks, I finished my first Flavia de Luce mystery. I started with the second book since the first one is unavailable from our public library. I borrowed the first Maisie Dobbs mystery. I could not get into it as much as Flavia. I am going to keep giving it a try.

We have Stuart Little and Matilda pending. Matilda is read by Kate Winslet. I am very excited!

6. If you are in the Indy area, consider donating your stash of N95 if you have any! If you know of construction companies, painters etc who may have N95 respirators, please send them my way disiscloset(at)gmail(dot)com. Let's protect our healthcare workers.

7. Sending y'all virtual hugs since gathering right now is illegal.
I saw this on my sister's stories. Thanks Clay Bennett of Chattanooga Press for this funny cartoon.
These next two weeks are critical. Please stay home. Let's change the rise of cases from exponential growth to linear.

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instagram round up

Face of a mom when she found out πŸ‘©πŸ»
School is closed πŸ“–
E-learning has to happen πŸ’»
She has to work πŸ‘©πŸ»‍⚕️

I’m not surprised that schools are closing to prevent the rapid spread of #Coronavirus. First it was #travelban of work related business travels, then the #universities cancelling face to face teaching. Then conferences and meetings in the #Medschool had to be done #viazoom
I worked all week this week. It felt like a #typicalweek at #rileyHospital. There’s panic outside the walls. But inside, #carecontinues. The sickest still needs care. It’s all covid in the news. But cancer, seizures, trauma, heart attacks, pneumonia, meningitis - we still have to treat those. 
Let’s not freak out.
Avoid the panic and hysteria. Focus on what’s important: why are we saying #stopthespread? It’s not just “so I don’t get sick” but so we don’t overwhelm and reach over- capacity of hospitals. Where will those kids with cancer and meningitis and respiratory failure and heart disease go when the hospitals are full? 
Wash hands.
#surviveElearning for 2-3 weeks
Think and pray for those moms and dads who still have to work.... think of those that DON’T have work because stadiums, ticket booths, concession stands are closed.
#itsucks whichever point of view you look at it.
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It’s been a long week guys.
Just a mere 8 days ago, I was worried about working all week at the hospital. ”exposing” myself since I’m covering the hospital #whereallthegermslive
God knows(knew) how to #settlemynerves. The #neurologyservice has #sickkids (not covid). I had to cover for a colleague (not a big deal) as it was just a #hiandbye type of thing. Then organized two meetings (#hellozoom πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸ’»). 
I was busy being a #neurologist that I’m glad I wasn’t on #socialmedia much. I kept up with #nprnews and I received back to back messages from our hospital, university, kids’ school, #medicalschool. I wasn’t totally #offthegrid
During these tough times, I’m thankful for my #faith. I still have #freakoutmoments but then I #stepback and #lookatthebigpicture
God is #biggerthanthis#pandemic doesn’t equal panic. I won’t be careless but I’m also #atpeace. (Or try and try to be!) let’s #factcheck and not #letfearwin. >>> #happyyellow for a #crazyweek#birdies shoes but feel like #slippers! Linked here https://shopstyle.it/v/J5W #onlineshopping to avoid the crowds.

Y’all know I love a party! •
A party that involves dancing? •
A Party for a cause?
Yaaaas! #jagathon2020 >>> #blackcardigan and #redgoldengoose for @Iupui colors! https://shopstyle.it/v/JRT #camoprintleggings all linked for you!

@derrick49ers and I went for walks almost everyday when we were newlyweds. We did it several times a week during the warm months. All pre-kids. Then I started having babies. Call it #feelingtiredallthetime and #postpartumexhaustion or just plain #imafraidtogooutside solo.
There’s just so many reasons (like my seasonal allergies) I stopped going for walks. 
Besides school pickup, I’m trying to bring #letsgoforawalk back. 
☀️ sun
πŸ’¨ fresh air πŸƒ πŸ‘¦πŸ» family time πŸ‘§πŸ» >>> Belle’s #underarmour sneakers, my #adidasedgelux shoes and more linked here https://shopstyle.it/v/JAB

A new month.
How is it the third month of 2020 already? 🀯 
Covid-19 is creating hysteria in the country. At work, we are getting 3-5 emails daily regarding detection, testing, prevention. 
Let’s not forget that #influenza is still pretty deadly.
Covid-19 - 3000 deaths. Influenza 46000 deaths >>> https://shopstyle.it/v/JEL #zebrasweater #witandwisdom #nordstromskinnies #pumasocks all linked

So thankful for crop and straightening options on Lightroom. 🀣 
#myphotographeris4yearsold >>> it’s #hospitalweek so I’m wearing my trusty #dansko #pythonclogs https://shopstyle.it/v/JWR #topshopblack #skinnies are my #workuniform πŸ–€

The baby is everyone’s favorite. πŸ‘ΆπŸ» >>> #sweaterdresses and #blanqisupportwear linked here https://shopstyle.it/v/JdN or go to bio link and find: #shopmyinstagram ❤️

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the world prayed

The whole world prayed.

Our #intentions:
#protectourhealthcareworkers •

As we shut down #restaurantsandbars#cinemasandevents#schoolsanduniversities#storesandgyms#thehospital stays open.
My peers are on the front lines. #erDocs #icudocs #nurses.
Guess who will relieve them if/when they get sick or quarantined, non-intensivists like me. I’m reviewing #ventsettings. I hope it doesn’t go there. •

#pleasestayhome#doctorgoogle cannot intubate, cannot start an arterial line, cannot perform #heartsurgeries, cannot respond to #traumacalls, cannot offer a #handonyourshoulder when you’re suffering, or give you a tissue to wipe your tears when a loved one passes from this pandemic. ❤️ #weneedmorePPE
#protectourdoctors >>> wearing my @manyhailmarysatatime sweatshirt and #zellacrops.

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