blue Friday + anniv + other quick takes {7QT}

Ripped Jeans || similar (mine are thrifted)

1.  I wore this on a blue Friday. Blue Friday is the Friday before a Colts game. I cannot give up the whites yet though it's after Labor Day so I accessorized with a blue bag. 

How about them colts? 
I am the type of fan who gives up easily. If the opposing team makes a touchdown and we are still 0, even though it's only the second qtr, I already say: there goes our superbowl....

Hubs does not mind my pessimistic view... because when I give up, that's when the Colts recover and essentially win the game.  (It's only weird if it does not work, right?)

2..   I am thrilled these rips fit me again. yay! They fit just the right way. Before my 4th pregnancy, they were quite loose and more boyfriend slouchy fit. But I am not complaining. As long as they go past my thighs and hips, i am thrilled to wear something in the denim department. 

3.  We found this manmade lake/pond on our way to date night. Such a pretty sight. 
There was a runner doing laps. She passed by us when we started taking photos and was on her back to us when we went back to the car. It's probably a mile around. 

I am no runner.. but this view certainly beats running inside on the treadmill. 

White Top || similar
Ripped Jeans || similar (mine are thrifted)

4. continuing Link-toberFest:
This week's question: how many quick takes have I written?
76! 77 including this one.

5. Happy birthday to my highschool bff!  kisses for you across the miles, lovely lady... i hope you enjoy your present -- we will be twinsies again. ;)

6. Tonight is the second installment of Anniv dinner. We did not go out on our anniv night. {there will be a post of what we did instead... and no crazy thoughts} To make up for missing THE day, I asked if we can celebrate TWICE.  Last week was italian... Tonight -- it's STEAK night!

7. Video I am sharing
Hubs and I went to the Jags vs Colts game. What an intense game. It went into OT.

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