all saints day {wiws}

It's already DST and we had an extra hour this morning, yet we were still late! why? we have done so well attending Vigil Mass arriving EARLY. But what is it about going to Sunday morning?

we could not make it to our parish's 1030a Mass because we all slept in.
Yet we were still scrambling to get to 1130a.

I don't like the stress. I don't like being late. I did not earn any saint points this morning. I lost my temper. I yelled. I was not patient. I was stressed.

It's all God's grace... I heard the Holy Spirit during the homily.
The saints we celebrate today were all men and women who made mistakes, lost their tempers, got upset with the Lord (and regretted it) and there they are, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.  {Rev 7:9}

Someday, I too want to be standing before him whom I love.
In the meantime, I better take care of the man he gave me and the children he lent me.

So when you see photos like these, do not be fooled. The struggle is very much real. These OOTD posts are just one area of my life. The rest NEED a lot of work.

When I let God work in me, the stress melts away. 
I forgive them... I forgive what happened. I forgive myself.
And then i see them doing this........ and all (almost all....) is forgotten.

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  1. Such cute photos!!! Also I love the honesty. It is always a nice dose because looking at picture perfect photos only tells half the story.


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