late for summer? i say NOT {wiws}

I am not too late for summer... Am I?
I just got super excited that I was able to zip this dress. FINALLY! I bought this dress during that awesome dress sale at Old Navy. Remember? 

I do not blame you if you don't because it was MONTHS ago. Like back in May or June!
I was still pregnant with Lucy and saw the awesome deals and got this dress. I did not bounce back as quickly as my impatient self wanted (that's fine) so it's 3 months later and I am finally wearing it.

lucky you, I searched for this dress and it is still available... for only $16! and lots of sizes still up for grabs!

Back to being impatient. I got these pumps I am wearing preowned and loved via eBay. the original price is outrageous... even for my does-not-make sense, impractical taste. Instead of $250, I got these for less than $30 on eBay.

They came during the last trimester of my pregnancy and I was disappointed. My heart sank all the way to the tiled floor.

My feet were so big that I wore these sandals pretty much everyday at work, church and to date nights. So I asked my sis and mom to try my eBay find. Nope they were too big for their nonpregnant feet. They said I should be patient and wait it out.

Postpartum impatient self tried them out maybe once every couple of weeks.... And a few days ago, I was so thrilled they fit me!

Not really sure they are perfect for this floral summery dress but I wore them anyway. Was I going for late summer floral + early fall animal print??? SUUUUURRRRE!

The children were amazingly well behaved at Mass! Must be because they were tired from the pool party they just went to mid afternoon. 

Or maybe the church is cool this last weekend of August.

Our church is known as the beautiful HOT church. We do not have an AC hence the $5M campaign to restore this historic beauty and install AC. 

swarovski bracelet, gift from my MIL
Chanel Caviar Flap Bag

if it's pink, it's a link... shop now! 

Old Navy printed tube dress   (Less than $16!) // J crew pumps via eBay //
Covergirl  lipstick in Delight Blush
Chanel caviar flap bag via Trendlee
(code: disisd will give you 5% off!)

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday Funday. 
I am off to cuddle with my 2 month old... no complaints. 

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  1. Beautiful bracelet, and I love the floral print! Also, I don't care that schools are starting- it's still summer!! :)

  2. And I just tracked down a sold-out J. Crew dress via ebay- it's a great place to look. ;)

  3. Will you look gorgeous for two months post-partum! I typically rock a 20-week preggo bump for a few months. Anywho, Love the dress and that you wore the pumps! Yay for favorites fitting again!


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