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I am linking up with Kelly for SQT  for a look at our family photos and week. These photos were taken last month when my sister and her family were in town.

^^My favorite shot of the cousins, by far^^
pow says Sebastian

1. Since we live in the city, we do not have mountains or farms or dandelion fields we could go to. We could have driven 30 minutes or so and we would have been in rural Indiana... but we didn't. Lucy was just 2 weeks old at that point and we really did not want to venture out with a hungry, crying baby.

Does the venue look familiar?
That's because I have my OOTD photos taken here sometimes. 
Sometimes? More like, A LOT.

2. Do you color coordinate your outfits?
I was on pinterest a few nights before the shoot. We finalized our outfits not long after that. we decided on purple, white and "something dark."

Hubs wore a purple shirt. I wore this lacy dress I got from Francesca and purple leggings from my sister. I was sweating bullets bec of those leggings... but anything for fashion! Isabel wore a pretty white dress.  Daniel and Bastian wore white shirts (Bastian: a similar one is on sale!). Lucy wore a purple-pink dress, from my sister.

When my sis told me that my nephew is wearing his red toms, I decided to wear my red Madden girl heels (lucky you! I just checked and it's less than $20!) And of course, Isabel wore her red ballet flats from zulily.

3. It was exciting trying to get all the kids looking and smiling  at the camera.

oh did I say exciting????
 the word should have been TRYING.

It was something to write on the books (or blog about) for sure.
But that's what makes these family photos so precious. We will talk about them, their funny expressions, the meltdowns, the screams.

4. isn't my sister so lovely? and my niece and nephew are so kissable and adorable.
I love summers even more because they spend a month here in town. I love it. 
Little tidbit of info here: Daniel and Nathaniel are 5 months apart.
Sebastian and Amelia are also 5 months apart. 

My sister is an RN by education, SAHM by choice and photographer-extraordinaire. She loves purple Can you tell? She has that amazing purple necklace and bought Amelia a pretty purple dress. 

5. We had to have a family photo because my grandma is here. She is therefore, greatgrandma of this 6 bunch.  Here's 4 generations for you!

The last time we had 4 generations in one photo was 5 years ago. There were 2 greatgrandbabies. Now... it's a crowd.

6. Look at this shot. we did our best. But the youngest ones were not even looking and the warm weather was getting to everybody.  I still haven't decided which group shot to print and display... tough decisions.

I just posted our adventure during the photo shoot for the church directory.  We like torturing ourselves by signing up our children to sit still and cooperate.

7. And now our family.
This week is a lot of beginnings. Isabel started preschool. Daniel is taking his role as big brother in school seriously. Lucy practiced taking the bottle. She did not do so hot. No surprise there since all my children did not like the bottle.

As for Sebastian, he is finally accepting and realizing the fun of not being the baby. He runs all over the place and we have trouble chasing him with a newborn in our arms. He likes it.

So that's a wrap. I posted a few of the children's shots here too.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! But I gotta say that the first one is my fav ;)

    1. haha yes definitely! we just asked them to do funny wacky faces and that's what they did!


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