low expectations

it's a series of unfortunate events that led to low expectations. 

Derrick sent me a text around 3:15p saying" on our way" and I was still trying to finish my lunch while nursing Lucy. We haven't changed to our assigned outfits yet. Ourr photo shoot appointment for the Church directory was scheduled in 45 minutes.

Hubs arrived with the gang. The older children were sleeping in the car. They fought their nap as usual and then passed out once in their carseats. Once Derrick pulled in our driveway, I finished feeding Lucy. I went upstairs and took my cardigan and decided what I wore to the doctor actually works for our color scheme. I took Lucy's pink dress because she still had to change.

Then the fun thing of transferring all three kids to the other car commenced. We cannot use hubs' car because, duh, it only has 2 rows. So there I was, transferring the boys and Isabel while they were sleeping. That's when I noticed Sebastian's bowl cut and Daniel's crooked bangs. 

Derrick told me my FIL will give the boys a haircut/trim before school starts but I did not realize it was the day of the photo session. We were rushing OTD that I did not get a chance to bring  hair gel. 

Derrick closed the house door and brought the baby in her carseat. That's when I noticed he did not change her outfit. whaaattt???? so he had to do that in the garage.

At that point, it was already 3:40p and our appt was at 4p, check in requested at 3:55pm. On the drive there, I was being quiet as it was indeed a stressful time. I had low expectations of how these photos will turn out. 

7 minutes later.

Arrival at the church parking lot: all 3 kids still asleep. now the interesting part. Who gets carried and who has to be woken up. 

I took the stroller out and decided to place sleeping Bastian. Derrick carried Isabel. Daniel woke up. I carried baby Lucy in the carseat. Derrick closed the trunk door.... and hit his head! again, whaaaaatt???? he asked me if he was bleeding.


I inspected his scalp. Good no blood, no erythema. whew.

we trekked inside.
we made it just in time for check-in. {woohoo. that's a win!}

The sweet lady (who we already know from church) checked us in while we finished a few more things. fix isabel's hair. Comb sebastian's hair. pick up now fussy baby. again chaos....

With meltdowns.

Fast forward: getting our photos taken. Isabel was still pouting. Sebastian probably had a headache and was still having a meltdown. 

The photographer asked if they like cookies. Nobody answered. nobody smiled. I thought, lady you gotta aim higher.

Derrick blurted: how about ice cream?

Then I had this bright idea: ok, how about ice cream after this if you guys cooperate. 
we bribed the children icecream.

awesome job, mommy. ice cream before dinner...
you gotta do what you gotta do.
it is what it is.

in the end the children did not get ice cream. They were running all over the gym while we were reviewing the photos. 

I guess what did I expect? all that space... and it's the GYM. of course, my 2 yo will run all over the place. 

on our way home: Derrick said, those pictures actually turned out ok.
yup, I said, we had low expectations and the photos caught us off guard.

we will take the unfortunate events.... and also the good end.

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  1. Great pictures! Although my boys are now 15 and 17 it seems like just yesterday we were in the same boat. Church directory pictures scheduled, cranky kids and a poopy diaper to boot! And you know those appointments are scheduled so closely there was no way we could stop and change the diaper so the whole room stunk! So. Embarrassing. But you know what, every time I look at the picture I laugh to myself and admire my beautiful family. These are the days!

    1. Oh my! I guess our experience could have been 'worse' with an added stinky diaper! Lol.

      I look at our photos and just remember and laugh at the chaos :)

      Thanks for sharing!


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