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We might not have the most number of eateries per capita (like SF) but we do have some jewels in this city. Hubs and I frequent our favorite spots for date night. We added another spot in our list!

We finally made it to Napolese for Derrick's birthday. It is an artisanal pizzeria or how I described it to my mom - they offer FANCY pizza. They use organic food sourced locally. It's great! 

Derrick and I shared the salad special. It had carrots, pancetta, pecans, corn, white cheddar and berry vinaigrette in a bed of arugula. He agreed that it was really tasty. He's the guy who does not care much for arugula or other dressings. He always orders the Caesar calad. So I am glad he enjoyed the salad I chose. It was his birthday after all.

Now for the pizza. He ordered his usual meat lover type of pizza. It was a tough decision for me. Margherita pizza or a variation of the margherita pizza or something totally different. I went with something totally different and ordered the smoked salmon pizza with capers and leeks -- so yummy! It did not disappoint. 

The "single serve" pizza is actually "single entree" meant to be shared. We took half of our pizzas home and the left overs were delicious. Derrick tried a slice of my smoked salmon and loved it.

^^Mom and Pops on the way to dinner.

Here's the yummy salad.

And our pizzas....

The birthday boy.

Sorry these are all iphone photos... I could spend time editing them... or not.
If you are ever in Indy, visit this place, alright?

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  1. Yum! My family does a pizza night every Friday and we were just talking about doing a smoked salmon and capers with dollops of cream cheese but weren't sure if that would be good or weird...good to hear it is indeed yummy! :)


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