pop of red

Jcrew stripe silk back and linen tank, sold out
BR skirt, old
BR gold flipflops
Saint Laurent Muse (visit Trendlee and use code: disisd for 5% off)

Betsey Johnson sunnies {only $22 at Target!}
Jcrew stripe silk back and linen tank, sold out
Saint Laurent Muse (visit Trendlee and use code: disisd for 5% off)
necklace, gift from my mom

After black and brown bags, red is definitely up there for my fave go-to purse color. As much as classic bags ask for black or brown, I try to vary it up and not have too much of the same color in the same style though they are of different designer brands.

This Saint Laurent Muse purse is my first designer bag in red. I wish the strap drop is longer... but then it would end up being a satchel or plain tote, I suppose.I love it because it's different from all of my bags in my collection. 

I love that it zips all the way. It's not too big that I will end up overstuffing it. But it is roomy enough to put my essentials plus the kids' things. Water or milk is a no-no inside my bags. I do my best to keep them in pristine condition. 

This is an old style from Saint Laurent. There are newer pretty styles I am lusting for.... Like this and this! They will look good in black or red. 

How about you? when you shop for purses, what's your go-to color? How many black bags or brown bags do you own?

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  1. I have the YSL Muse in burnt orange and I love it. Once the weather changes I'll pull it out!
    xoxo. | cymone.



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