isabel goes to preschool {7qt}

1. Isabel has been raving about preschool for months. It was just springtime and she already knows come few months she will be joining her older brother at the big school.  She had the usual excitement the night before and even skipped breakfast that morning though we bugged and bugged and bugged her. Nervous butterflies in her tummy, maybe?

2. She chose this pink dress from her GodMom. She also wore her new light up sneakers that I got for $15!  Awesome deal from stride rite! Good thing we also labeled her zip up. There was another girl in her class with the same ELSA hoodie Derrick got from.... where else? Derrick's fave store? yes, Costco. {grab your special girl the same hoodie for $24.99 for 3T and only 13.50 for 4T}

3. I'd like to thank our lovely family for getting her her school goodies. Since she will stay extended day in preschool for same pickup as older bro, she has a scheduled nap after lunch.  Auntie Feli got her crib sheets for the cot and Disney princess blanket.  My mom got her her backpack  which we are not using yet. As the school provided every preschooler a tote bag. 

4. Isabel chose Disney princess  waterbottle and  lunchbox.  Is it ever too much pink in this girl's life? I wonder where she got that from?

5.   For lunch containers, we got the same ones we already have for older brother. They are dishwasher safe, microwave-safe, and even freezer-safe. 

6. Daniel is stepping up as KUYA. He was giving her pointers for recess, lunch rules and pickup time. 

7. And since I started a video for Daniel, I might as well do one for Isabel. Here's her first day in video format.

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  1. She is so cute. Have a great school year!


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