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I am amazed that I have posted/published something almost everyday in July (except for Saturdays). Because of the number of posts I have written, a Q&A is in order. I was interviewed.... by myself.

Q: How did you do that (publishing a post a day)?
Looks like the routine of taking outfit photos, then resizing them and uploading them on a new blog post helps. I do not necessarily write a post then and there. Once the photos are on the drafts, I can let them sit there till I have time to write. That's usually when children are asleep or just watching TV. I have been up with the baby until MN at times... that's my blogging time.

Q: Do you think you're just wasting your time? more like procrastinating?
yes, sometimes... well most of the time. I love to write. But my handwriting is now very terrible. I love to journal. Now when I journal, it's mostly my devotions and prayers and thoughts about current reading plans on Blessed Is She or She Reads Truth. If I write a long prayer, I end up typing it.

Q: Why do you blog?
"A writer writes always. And not because of the need to produce as much as the need to just exhale. Verbally/mentally/emotionally speaking. " - Rachel B, testosterhome

In my not-so-recent past, I was a feature writer --> feature editor --> editor-in-chief for my highschool paper. I love to write. I am NOT a good writer or even classify myself as a writer. (maybe I did when I was in highschool). I just love to write.

Q: why so many OOTD posts?
I love to dress up even when I was young.  I document/experiment styles and combos and see which ones look nice or ones that do not have to be repeated. Seeing myself on photos also encourage me to loose the baby weight. I see those thighs and I have the energy to do some Zumba!

Q: Aren't you afraid that people know a lot of intimate stuff about your marriage or your children?
I try not to write very intimate details here. I have posted about NFP before and our reasons of practicing it. But I do not write anything about our sex life (proof of 4 kids already seen! haha).

I respect my children's privacy. i write about their funny quotes and activities. But I think as they get older, they will be featured less and less here. I want to respect their choice. If I am blogging when they are teens, I expect they do not want their friends to read all about them here.

Q: Why do you do sponsored posts?
I love collaborating with companies  and businesses who offer items that I truly love and use. Be assured that I won't post anything here that I do not truly recommend. If I get a request for a collab that does not fit my theme, I just say thanks, but no thanks. The reviews will be honest and true, even if it's a criticism or flaw. So far, I've been satisfied with the items I have reviewed or shared.

Speaking of sponsored posts and review, this is a reminder that the giveaway for this skirt is LIVE and on for a few more days. Don't forget to enter and win a maxi skirt or dot-dot smile dress for your little girl.

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