the story behind this bag + snoozing babes {co-host WIWS}

// Anthropologie top // 
// Anthropologie skater skirt, both old and clearance items //
skirt, similar here and here
// Burberry Bowler, a present for myself after taking USMLE Step 3 (that's how I reward myself) //
// Bakers Flipflops, old// 

Arm candy via Zulily

I am co-hosting at FineLinenAndPurple for What I Wore Sunday! Woohoo!

Here's what I wore to Mass.. with photos taken by my son, Daniel. In fact, even the candid ones below are taken by my children. Hubs was off the hook this weekend.

It seems that there are stories behind my big purchases.  This bowling bag is not an exception. I took the final step for USMLE which is Step3. it was a 2-day exam. it was more of an endurance exam than anything else. After sitting in front of a computer for 2 days, I just had enough. I left the testing center and went straight to the fashion mall and got myself a reward. I went to the Burberry store and got this bowling bag. It was spontaneous. It was crazy. And my more conscientious husband was not happy... at first... then I told him, that I just knew that I passed Step3.. Because there was no way I was going to retake that exam!

And yes, I did pass that exam.

But back to the present and THIS OUTFIT.

I enjoyed the "photo shoot" with Lil D.

Then I decided to hide.
I just thought it will be fun to hide.

Mass Grades:
Daniel: A
Isabel: A
Sebastian: A
Lucy: A++

they were all so quiet and well-behaved... BECAUSE THEY ALL FELL ASLEEP!
So do those A's really count for mass grades if they were all knocked out? I'd say no, but let's humor them. 

Proof that they were all snoozing, I busted out my iphone and took evidence photos. 

See what I mean by: we are horrible with naptimes?

Then I remembered Daniel didn't take close up photos of my accessories. Since we were waiting for Derrick to finish his Usher duties, I took photos too. I don't waste any time.

Bracelet and ring via zulily
Bastian's stride Rite

Kissing my grandma because she's the sweetest!

Here's isabel's contribution to this post, by taking a photo of my chandelier earrings.

Happy Sunday, friends! Go to FinelinenandPurple and link up your Sunday outfits.
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Shout out to my sissy. it's her birthday! Happy birthday, Dy!

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  1. Way to co-host! You look great & I love that bowler!


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