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As much as I love wearing my husband's loose shirts, I would actually like to eventually wear my clothes again. Because of the new baby and breastfeeding, quite a few of my summer tops are still tight on my chest. Slowly, I am pulling a few short sleeve tops I thrifted last year for the last days of summer. 

This one is a step-up from my usual loose tee and gym shorts ensemble for school pickup. Adding a little bit of ballet flats sparkle brought a spring to my step (ba dum tssh!)

It's only  been a couple of weeks since Derrick and i started working out regularly in the morning before the children wake up. But we already see a difference. Early to bed, early to rise as my grandpa told me growing up. It's nice to get 30 minute workouts out of the way to give you that boost of energy for the rest of the day. 

I can also see that my arms are getting stronger. I carry Sebastian and/or that heavy carseat around and fatigued much later than usual. 

I am not following the diet portion of the 21 day fix strictly. I agree with my OB that the diet portion does not have a lot of fat needed for nursing. I need the healthy fats for breastfeeding.... not the fat on my thighs or belly! The portion control is perfect to help me get back to mindful, healthy eating. Cutting out ice cream everyday has made a big difference. surprise, surprise.

I did not do the before photos with the swimsuit on (yikes!) But it will be nice to look back at my OOTD posts from a few weeks back and follow my progress. Will I see a difference? 

If it's pink, click the link. TIME TO SHOP!
Anthropologie top, thrifted // Old Navy shorts, thrifted from my sis
Old Navy sparkles, this one is less than $40 //  Necklace from my sis

As per my usual routine, I add photo outtakes - the ones that would not have made the cut in any blog but worth placing here for kicks and giggles. 

And here's my awesome photographer. 

He is an awesome first grader! He is already reading short picture books. He tolerates my OOTD photo requests after school pick-up. 

Do you see those cute dimples at the top of his cheeks? Bastian has those too! They got them from their daddy. 

Have a good day, friends!

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  1. Such a lovely look, adoring that bag! You and your hubby are so disciplined, that is awesome you work out everyday before your kids get up.
    Rachel xo

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    Garay Treasures

    1. It's nice to have that boost of energy for the rest of the day.... And to say you're done exercising before the sun rises -- wow. I'm still amazed myself :)

  2. Really nice bag in a pretty color. Love the braid too!

    1. Thanks :) I love this balenciaga. Never thought I'd own one but I'm glad a friend suggested it. The satchel is perfect for hands free option when chasing kids lol


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