eBates ~ save and earn money back

Am I the last one here on earth to sign up for this COOL THING called eBates?!
This is not a sponsored post.  I just like receiving cash back (who does not!) and I have to share. 

Thanks for opening my eyes, sistah. This cash back thing is amazing!

How does eBates work?
Sign up for a new account. sync it with your FB account or google+.
Start shopping from the eBates website. Search for the store or coupons and start shopping and saving! 
eBates start accumulating on your account after your eligible purchase (some things are not, like diapers are excluded from amazon).

** There's another way to start shopping by starting on your store website and activating eBates link.. I will show you below.

How do I get my eBates cash back?
You can have your money sent to your house address via a fat paycheck.
You can opt to use your payPal account (which i chose)
The minimum is $5. So you don't have to wait till you accumulate $100 till you see some money back. 

Is eBates for me?
If you shop online, then YES.
If you like amazon, TheGap, Macy's etc, then YES.
If you like to SAVE, then YES!

And it's not only for clothes shopping, stores and sites like: Home Depot, Lowe's, Athleta, staples, Holiday Inn, Hotels.com, WalMart, Barnes and Noble etc offer 1-8% cash back.

here's a snapshot of the ebates website. 
As you can tell, there are wonderful online stores on the right hand side. 

Look at NM Last Call - they offer 4% cash back. So let's say I actually signed up for eBates when I bought this. I could have gotten: $6 back. That's a bagel and grande peach green tea lemonade from Starbucks!

Now for the other way to activate your eBates link.
You can get the button and add it on your browser!
Let's say you clicked one of my affiliate links (wink!) and want to buy what you saw on the blog but also want to use your eBates, then there's a way to do it.

So if you clicked on a gap item I suggested, it will take you to the gap website.
Then your eBates icon will either be red or green. Sometimes a pop-up will also show asking you to activate your cashback.

see the pop up...
look below.

here's another example. I showed you my fave naturalizer sandals before.
So try it.
Click on the link above.

It will bring you to the nordstrom website. And if you have the eBates icon on your browser, click on it and it will show you that nordstrom offers 3% cash back.

Let's do the Math.
$79.90 for a pair of naturalizer sandals will give you......... $2.4 back!
it's not quite a frap but it's better than $0 yeah?

Even my favorite zulily is part of eBates.

If you sign up for eBates (did I convince you enough?) I do get a referral cash back but it's win-win for all parties! agree?

Photo cred: screenshot of eBates website and retailer's

Thank you for reading! I can be found on:
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