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Betsey johnson sunnies // earrings from the Philippines // 
Anthropologie top // bracelet from my mom

Motherhood Maternity skirt //  Louis Vuitton Damier clutch //
Banana Republic flipflops in gold, old ~ few cute ones here or here //
 oversized MK watch

Here are a few outtakes taken by my photographer. I love looking at these...

^^ Don't you just adore that red interior lining of the LV clutch???

I am 6 weeks postpartum and as I reflect on the past few weeks, I am a mixed bag of emotions.
-- I may have given some people the wrong impression when i was already posting outfits at one week or 2 weeks postpartum. I did not wake up like that. In fact, those few hours dressing up and taking photos and going to the doctor are only FEW hours compared to the rest of the time (which is majority of the time) that I was on my pjs.

-- I saw this outfit photo and just cracked up. I could not find a skirt for this black top so I squeezed into a maternity skirt and still looked hilarious. (it's the same skirt above)

-- I counted my outfit posts for July. I had 4 what I wore sunday (to mass) posts and 4 random outfit posts. (I have two more posted late in August). I assure you that's the total number of times, I put on something fancy, put on lipgloss and asked hubs to take a photo of me. The rest of those days in July, you would have found me in my gym shorts and tank or pjs with unbrushed hair. But who would want to see a blog post about that...

-- I may have looked that i was trying too hard on this post but that was not my intention. I wore the dress to praise the postpartum bump. It only took me 4 babies to accept the poochy belly right after delivery. I am THAT slow. I was all about hiding the belly after my first 3 kids. Then I saw this dress after Lucy was born and I was brave enough to wear it.

--the adjustment period for everybody,  I really mean everybody, is rough. I love it that my FIL and Mom help out and take the older children for me so I can focus on healing and focus on Lucy. But when I have all 4 with me, i am very much a newbie.

-- I might have figured out why I love the newborn period. Because I have sort of a handle on it. I feed the baby, I change diapers, I rock the baby to sleep. I know what to do. But with my older children, it's always new territory. Argumentative 6 year old, tantrumming (is this a word?) 2 year old... And they know just the right moment to hit the spot. Just when I am nursing the baby and cannot get up, or when i am carrying a 23lb Bastian, that's when chaos for the other kids happen.

-- we are still not sleeping well. This by itself will already cause emotional rollercoasters around the house.

--school starts tomorrow for the older children. our routine is out of the window and we are slowly easing back to normalcy (whatever that is)

-- I haven't started pumping yet...which means Lucy has not practiced the bottle yet. it's part of my goals this week.

-- I was cleared by my OB to workout but was advised to take it easy. No kidding! I will start at the low-impact level. Thankfully, there's minimal diastasis recti. So if I want to do those ab workouts, i can too... Will you work out with me?

--The children are IN LOVE with their baby Lucy. They all ask to hold her. They kiss her head and rub her little feet. {I still stand by my word: the best gift you could give your son/daughter is a sibling}

-- The father of the house is still the fun parent. He will always be the fun parent.

--where did summer go? really?

I guess that's enough ramblings.

For now.


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