confessions about outfits and my children's sleeping habits

#1. I am an outfit repeater.
If it works, then why change it right?
Though people might think I have an outfit for every occasion (sometimes), I do repeat outfits. Like this skirt. remember when I paired it with a polka dotted top... This time, I wore this pretty cobalt blue top from the Loft. Pretty pop of blue. Pretty pop of pink. pretty pop of gold flipflops.

#2. I spend too much on purses.
This is not NEWS to people who read my blog or to my family. I started with my Louis in 2010. At that point, he was the one and only. I cherished him then and I still do. I have a few contemporary bags at that point and I held off with the shopping of designer, super expensive purses. But my collection is not complete without a Chanel. I know though that I cannot buy a new one anymore. Who has $5000 to spend when you have 4 kids? Definitely not me.

I am glad the industry of preowned designer bags is booming. Just be careful with replicas and only shop at trusted sellers. Once I have accepted  that if I want a Chanel, she will have to be slightly used, then I was okay. I found this Chanel on trendlee after researching in the wee hours of the night when Lucy is awake.

If you are in the hunt for preowned designer bags and have questions, pop me an in email. I am not an expert but could send you links or send you to the right folks who might be able to help you. Also use my code: disisd on trendlee.com to get 5% off.

#3. I am terrible with naptime.
When my children were in daycare, they had such great routine and nap schedule. But when they are home with us during the weekend, we just could not implement the same schedule. I blame it on our busy lives. We run errands on the weekends. we are out and about meeting friends. So they end up napping in the car, which I know is a NO-NO to some parents.

During the schoolyear, school pick up is perfect for naptime. I did awesome getting them down to nap after lunch. Then I just take them to the car still napping and pick up Daniel.

With summer, we do not have a routine. They nap at weird times. When they are with my FIL, they actually nap from 5-5:30 (yikes!) which was the drive home when Derrick gets off of work. I know my FIL tries hard to make them nap.

#4. Bedtime is chaos.
We were so spoiled that Daniel did not mind late bedtimes as a baby. It became clear why, now that he is older. He is a nightowl like me. Unfortunately, since we are relaxed with bedtime, we are paying for it this summer. Their 9p bedtime became 10p... sometimes to the point that it's 11p and they are all still awake. of course I blame it on us, the parents, the late naps etc. They also like to hangout with me and the baby. That is difficult because even if they go to bed, they hear Lucy fuss or cry and then they come running down the stairs or go to her room and join the "fun." there you go, all 4 are up and awake at 10:30p!

Isabel and Bastian are my good sleepers and usually the ones who initiate bedtime. Around 9 or 9:30p, when we have pushed them to the limits, they ask us to go to bed.

#5. Sleeping arrangements? more like no arrangement.
When people ask if we are going to upgrade or move to a bigger house, we say we don't see the need. First, the boys share a room. And the girls can share the other.

Another BIG reason, they ALL SLEEP in the SAME ROOM!
Imagine all 3 children in a tiny twin bed. (this is also the reason for chaotic bedtimes). Again, point the finger at me and not my husband. He disapproves of my complacent nature regarding sleep.

I was on my third trimester and started sleeping with Isabel. Our bed is too soft for my big belly and i was not able to sleep because of back pain. So I joined isabel in her bedroom and she did not mind cuddling with her mama.

When the baby was born, I know Isabel will not enjoy being woken up by newborn cries at 4a. So Lucy and I took over Isabel's room. So where did she go?

ok let's back up.

The boys were waking up around 4a or so and joined Derrick who was alone in our room. unfortunately, now the children took over OUR bed and they all sleep there. What does my husband do? He floats from one room to the other.

I cannot believe I am confessing this to the world.

#6. SuperMom who?
So if you think I am superMom, oh no. no. no. Think twice, my dear.
We are absolutely on survival mode and reaping the poor choices and relaxed rules we have been doing for months.

Technically, I sleep in the right room. Isabel's room is the nursery room per our neighbor who told us the history of our old house. So I just left my bedroom to sleep in the nursery.... (putting blinders on and not thinking about the rest of the house)

#7. date? what date?
one of these days, we will all go back to our respective beds. I just cannot commit myself when that will be. This reminds  me of my conversations with patients and talking about quitting smoking. JUST PICK A DATE. pick a date and commit to it.

one day... I will kick them out of our bed and send them to their merry way.

ugh. reading this here is horrible. I need to kick them out of our bed.

Any tips or ideas with bedtime?  I have scaredy cats in the house and refuse to sleep by themselves. They follow us around when saying goodnight's to sibs.

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  1. I basically repeat my outfits weekly at work. No shame here!

  2. If you love an outfit, why not repeat it. 😀 And carrying sleeping kids to the car? You are supermom!

  3. I am an outfit repeater as well! It's just easier that way. Your kids are precious and I love those pictures!!

    I blog over at Stylish Muse | Blog Lovin'

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Fantastic blog!
    Love it. :)



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