coffee run

Vintage Chanel // MK watch // Bakers flipflops, old // dress, thrifted
heart necklace, from my mom, similar

Hubs said: wow you look really nice for a coffee run and day at home.
Me: thank you hunny. Nothing fits and I have to do wash the couple of shorts and tops that fit me... So dress it is.

Props to my in-laws for taking the older three so i could run some errands and get a few things done at home. Most of all, I was able to sleep in! (fist bump). Ms. Lucy is most awake from 9-MN. I have shifted my days that I sleep around 1am and (if the children are not with me), I stay in bed till 9a. Don't judge. I am usually awake at 8a but I just read in bed and cuddle some more with Lucy. If the children are with me, they wake me up around 7:30a. That's still not a bad gig. I get around 6-7 hours of interrupted sleep. I just take a quick power nap sometime in the afternoon during the children's quiet time.

So back to the coffee run. Second props to Lucy. our first coffee stop was a bust. I got to the parking lot and she fell apart. I changed her diaper. I nursed her in the car. Our plan was to sit outside in the shade and sip our iced coffee. But there were tons of college students on summer break and other professionals sitting outside. There was no spot for us. So I drove another mile or so and found a bigger Starbucks. She did pretty well for the hour-long stay. I rocked her carseat and gave her her paci (btw she's the only one who likes her paci and even that she can be picky and still spits it out when she just wants to cuddle) Glad she took it that day and I was able to enjoy my mocha frap and not-so-healthy blueberry muffin.

She's a Starbucks gal. What could I say?

Vera Bradley Tablet Cover // Balenciaga PomPon satchel

Chicco Carseat, thanks Auntie Feli!


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  1. Cute print! And glad you and Lucy got a good coffee break. ☺

  2. Such a fun dress print! And that last picture is so sweet! Lucy is just precious and sleeping babies are pretty much the best.


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