day with Lucy and date night {surprise Video Log too!}

I totally agree with moms/parents of one child. IT IS HARD.

It is a different hard than having all 4with me. When it's just me and Lucy, it's HARD.

I planned on working out because it's date night (yay to Fri-YAY) Lucy knows when I have something in mind... or when I put on my sports bra.  I cannot place her down! She sleeps like she's in hibernation mode when her older sibs are home. But when it's just me??! nope, she wanted to be held.

I was listening to a podcast of Grace being interviewed at This Inspired life podcast. She talked about white noise everywhere in her house. I finally emailed her to ask what sound machine she has! I did not waste a moment. I went to amazon and bought the same sound machine!  And it's only $19.99! (Thanks Auntie Feli for buying it for us. we used your gift card)

See the sound machine in action in the video below.

I thank Lucy that she finally napped around 3ish. I took a shower and got ready for date night. I wore this white tube top from (cringe!) Express (this one is less than $20!). I haven't shopped there in a couple of years. Their tops, if not flowy, are way too tight. I have a mommy belly which means it's express-NOT belly.

When I saw Express on sale at zulily with this peplum top -- I figured why not.


Lucy and St. Lucy c/o Axis Mundi Etsy Shop
{use code: FREESHIP to get free shipping}

I did not want my white top to get messed up as I fulfill my household chores. I  know I will stain it while washing dishes. So i wore an apron. It's very trendy, y'all. Wear an apron for dishwashing. It makes dishwashing fun.

The Burberry bowler made its comeback. After getting this bowler, I finally understood why LV speedy lovers complain. For a mama, the bowler with short handle drop is not functional for everyday use. Even if the classic LV is a speedy, I do not own one. First, it looses its shape. Second, I already have this Burberry bowler and I rarely use it. I would rather spend my moolah on a different LV style (like this one.... gosh so expensive!)

skirt via zulily // Burberry bowler

wanna see a good hair flip?
scroll now

St. Lucy glass pendant via Axis Mundi etsy shop

Now let's lean...

Lean some more....

 And more.....

 Here's our day in video form.
Hubs thinks I am bored when I do these videos. No, not really.. just something different to my day. Specially since who I am hanging out with a human being who does not really talk or giggle yet.

And don't you think it will be fun rewatching these videos later?

outfit details: if it's pink that means it's a link. click it and SHOP.
express peplum top (similar) via zulily
skirt also via zulily
MK bradshaw watch
Burberry bowler
Naturalizer sandals via zulily
St. Lucy glass pendant c/o Axis Mundi etsy shop
Covergirl Lipgloss in tweet me

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