White and blue {wiws}

Linking up with the ladies at Fine linen and purple for another what I wore Sunday edition. And for the first time with Plane pretty.

Let's start with Mass behaviors:
Daniel: B+
Isabel: B
Mummy: F

The beginning: I was rushing to get ready for Mass. I took a nap and woke up less than an hour before the bells start tolling. So as I rushed to shower and dress, I got paged. Oh yeah, I'm on call this weekend.

We made it in time at the last note of the entrance hymn. Ok so far so good. I even put my lipstick on. No face powder. No mascara. No blush. But I got my hot pink lipstick on.

End of the first reading, I felt the pager go off on vibrate on my pant waist. Great.
Time to be a doctor. So Isabel and I went outside. She was entertained by the squirrel while I answer the hospital call.

Now back to Mass. We heard the last third of the Gospel. And I should be grateful as I heard the entire homily. Fr. Roberts talked about our battle scars for Christ. Like St. Paul enduring all those hardships, shipwreck, and beatings all for Jesus.

Then another vibrate coming from my waist.

Ok back outside. I took Isabel with me as she's getting antsy anyway. Unfortunately the squirrel left its tree so she got bored. She started banging the side door calling 'daddy'. Fortunately, the page was a 2 in 1 call.

Inside the church, I made it to the Eucharistic prayer and proclamation of the mystery of faith. At this point, I was already losing it and falling apart inside. My Mass participation was in bits and pieces. The kids making a fuss was getting to me. The concentration is gone. I prayed and prayed asking for grace.
I might have missed a good part of Mass but I still received Holy Communion. I couldn't bear the thought of not receiving Christ and his grace for another week. How can I survive Mass or homecall or the coming week without God???

Then I just found out after dinner that I wore my cami backwards. That's why the front (which is technically the back) was 'riding up' my belly. Oooops.

{1} Gotta put on a lovely smile for my photo shoot
{2} side view of the belly @ tail-end of 29 weeks. Let me fix my hair.
{3} look there momma.
{4} spot the squirrel
{5} smiley girl outside church
{6} using my free iPhone timer for the first time and right about the time the mosquitoes bit me on both feet, times several places!!!

Outfit of the day:
Top with the backwards cami: Motherhood maternity circa pregnancy uno.
Skinny maternity pants: Old navy. Got them on clearance.
Wedges: kork-ease
Bracelet: from a boutique in French Lick, IN during a baby moon with Derrick on his 29th bday.

I hope what you got for your Sunday Mass grade is better than mine. {I grade myself harshly don't I?}


  1. Cute, cute blue pants! Love that vibrant blue. How hard to have your pager going off like that in mass, sigh. Saying a prayer for you! And Isabel is too adorable.

  2. You look great! The pants are so cute.

  3. Such a beautiful ensemble. I love the whole thing! The white top with a baby belly is always a fave, and the blue pants are cute!

  4. Aw you have the cutest baby belly! :) You look beautiful in that shade of lipstick and your daughter is such a doll!
    Visiting from the Sunday Style link-up!


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