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Outside my window...
Another rainy, dreary day. It's been a mild, rainy summer. No complaints except for wishing for some sun so we can go to the pool.

I am thinking...
How lucky I am to have a wonderful husband.
-- who goes to starbucks for a coffee run and calls my drink: mocha caffe whatever with skinny cow {really, cow?!}
-- who tolerated me gushing all over the man of steel
-- who let me shop online today for clothes that I won't wear till 3 months postpartum because they're all nonmaternity

I am thankful...
For my last few months of residency with a contract/job in the works... asking for prayers that things will run smoothly and I start in February.

In the kitchen...
Bagels for the rest of the week from our breakfast run this morning with Kids still in their pj's. {it was a drive thru run}

I am wearing...
Old navy maternity tank
Liz Lange maternity shirt
Liz Lange maternity shorts
Reef flip flops

I am going...
To workout with my soft weighted ball {again} today
I know I have to rotate exercise regimens. But I'm liking this gal from my free reebok DVD. She's intense but not annoying

I am wondering...
When the kids are gonna wake-up. I'm thankful for a quiet nap time, though I can't nap myself.

I am reading...
The following blogs~~
Kendi everyday
Stethoscopes, style and grace
The evangelista
Some nonmaternity fashion inspiration.

I am hoping...
For a quiet night tonight {oh did I just challenge the call gods or what.?!} I'm on call tonight. Once I'm awake answering a page, I have trouble going back to sleep.

I am looking forward to...
My sister's visit!

Around the house...
Peace and quiet

I am pondering...
What I'll wear for Sunday Mass. It has to be maternity choice.
I came out of the bedroom today wearing a nonmaternity top and Derrick busted out laughing. It was short he said.... My pregnant belly sticking out. Hence the all-maternity get up I ended up wearing.

A favorite quote for today...
Daniel: mummy, I love your belly.
{at least somebody appreciates my mid riff showing} haha

One of my favorite things...
My iPad. A gift from hubs as I started home call.
-- access work stuff while answering calls from ER, nurses, other doctors etc
-- watch my shows streaming online
-- blog, blog, blog

A few plans for the rest of the week:
-- see Ob for my 30th week prenatal check
-- restart swim lessons for the kiddos
-- despedida party for a good friend
-- hang out with my sis and her family

A peek into my day...

And... My princess is awake!

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