Daniel turns 4 years old!

My dear Daniel,

It's your big day. You have been waiting for it for months since I asked you what party theme you'd like to have. You are so full of energy. You are smart and funny. You got all those awesome traits from your daddy.

Thanks for making me a mummy 4 years ago. I love kissing your sweet face. I asked The Lord for a firstborn son and he granted me my wish. You are the perfect gift.

I'm praying for a healthy year for you and a life filled with love. Happy birthday, my son! Now let's enjoy your party and your day!

All my love,

Daniel at 2 weeks old
7 months
1 year old - NYC trip
3 years old

{1} love his "marker marks" from school
{2} chunky baby
{3} may 2011, visiting me on call at the county hospital

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