This mummy hearts weekends

Weekends are awesome and I heart them TONS. I get to spend time with the loves of my life. We are parents of an only child this weekend. (Lil D is hanging out with cousin N)
I have flooded my IG with pix of our day. I have more to share.

4:45a - 5:30a Another restless night. Both hubs and I were up early morning because of my right hip pain and leg pain. Must have laid on my right side for too long. The achy pain kept me up and hubs is so sweet to give this pregnant lady a massage.

8:45a I woke up a couple more times but managed to sleep a little bit more till we all woke up around this time. Lucky parents, sleeping in.

9:20a Breakfast at home

11:05a I'm late for my salon appt. Ms. Roxie is so sweet and efficient. Another satisfied customer here.

11:45a we all headed out to lunch with hubs and our only child

1:10p the 5-minute hair trim for my princess

I totally could have done it myself after watching the lady do it. I paid for less headache and less fussing, I supposed.

1:30p enjoying some FroYo

2:15p we stopped by the library to return the kids' books and earn some summer reading points. We picked up a few more books before the summer reading program ends. Isabel played on every single computer. And she made a pit stop on her favorite phone booth. Call an Indianapolis Indian for a story.

2:45p our last errand for the day is the home improvement store. My orchid {which I bought when we moved to our house in 2008} needs major repotting. See it over growing over its small pot here? We got more orchid potting mix {composed of fir wood and bark}

And I'm adding color to my garden and got another purple phlox and I'm gonna try my greenish thumb on these canna Lilies. Lilies are hardy perennials. I have had good luck keeping them alive. I have stargazers, mini Asian tiger lilies and regular red and yellow lilies and day lilies. {somebody loves lilies here}

I'm taking you home pretty yellow flower.

My loot... It's hotttt outside so I'll wait until its bearable for my pregnant state.

3:20p look what welcomed us home: our Colts season tickets came today! Woohoo. Proud to be STH for the second year in a row! I look forward to these Sunday games -- hubs and I call them our date games. Again, lucky parents.

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