Bright pants, sparkly shoes


{1} posing with my kids, in their daycare clothes {thanks target!} we save their nicer clothes for special occasions and for church. They get super messy in school. They let them be kids! If you zoom in, you'll see marker prints all over Isabel's shirt and hands.
{2} close up of my fave flats. Shot taken by my 4 year old. {bonus shot of my house slippers: HK}

Mummy deets:
Maternity tunic from the Gap
Old navy skinnies
Flats from b.o.c.
Belt jcrew

Kids deets:
Isabel: Circo top, Circo shorts, Costco socks
Daniel: Circo shirt, carter shorts {still wearing 2t!}, Costco socks


Indulge me, my beloved photographer. Let's do a few poses!

Mixing up my layers
Dress: H&M nonmaternity
Cardi: very old from the Gap
Tights: duo via jcp
Belt Ralph Lauren {old}

Daniel deets:
Top Carter's, shorts osh kosh, flip flops osh kosh

Braved wearing my sparkly, blinding Toms at work because it's research day and I'm not seeing patients.

Linking up with the pleated poppy and what kids wore. Join us.


  1. Anonymous8/01/2013

    Fun Toms! They look so comfy. I love Target for kid's clothes... their black Circo leggings are the best!

  2. Hey lady! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope you'll accept! Check it out here. Thanks!!

    Kalee @ Fred Rongo 


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