Revved up day {Daniel's 4th bday party}

Time to unwind and post some blurry pictures after a revved up day. Lil D turns 4 years old today. We spent the day at the children's museum and he chose a race car theme for his party.

The pix I got from my phone are so blurry but I'm gonna post them anyway. I didn't get a pict of him blowing the birthday candles {boo!} I was busy being a mom and singing. There were 5 other active cameras in the room, including my hubs video recording pretty much the entire event.

This is actually a birthday that Daniel was excited about, asked for a long time, and enjoyed a lot. I think he will remember this party for awhile. He loves the children's museum. He loves race cars. I didn't expect that we will stay until the museum closed at 5p but we did! This pregnant mother called it quits and sat for the last hour. Thanks to the grandparents for their help! I was able to sit and rest while they kept an eye on the birthday boy and Isabel.

Daniel's birthday parties have been outside events and temps were always in the low to mid 90s. We'd all be sweating while playing at the park. This is the first bday he's had with rain and cooler temps... Cooler as in low 80s, high 70s. Good thing we planned a party indoors this year.

I'm counting on my in laws for pix of the cake, party favors and other decorations. I don't have any! I was busy being a host and not a photographer. (I envy those mom party planners and photographers like my sister!) I chatted with friends I haven't seen in awhile... And with friends I see quite often at work!

His awesome day started with opening presents from my relatives in California. My kids are spoiled by their great aunts and uncle. Daniel received a lot of spectacular Spider-Man presents!

Ok... Here's the birthday chair in the party room... But this is not our guest of honor.

Oh here ya go. Enter Daniel.....

Are we enjoying the cake, ms. Isabel? What's all that chocolate, Daniel?

Oh from the piƱata, I see..... I got several pix of the kids grabbing more sugar but I'd spare you the headache because they are all pretty much blurry.

What big feet you have, little boy. {check out the avatar exhibit open till sept 22nd} I enjoyed this exhibit. No surprise since I'm an avatar fan.

This is the last carousel ride of the day. I'd say the museum was a hit for the birthday boy, Isabel and our guests.

I may be tired. I may be complaining of my feet and legs aching... But I see this handsome, sweet face and it's all worth it. I love you, Daniel.

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