What we wore Wednesday

Wearing my bright blue skinny pants (again!) I paired them for Mass last weekend with a dainty white blouse. Today I wore my comfy bandolino flats with my polka dot button down urban outfitters shirt (not shown and not really buttoned bec of the belly bump)

Kids were still in pjs this am. They usually leave the house to go to Lolo's in their pjs every Wednesday.
But here's what they wore the rest of the day.

My son and nephew reunited for some light saber action. Check out their capes made from red tarp with spidey and superman logo drawn by hand.

Isabel joining in the fun with her storm trooper gun.

Daniel ootd:
Shirt from kohls
Plaid shorts from osh kosh

Isabel ootd:
Old navy ensemble

Link it up: the pleated poppy for wiww and onelittlemomma for wkww.


  1. cute shoes!


  2. haha, that looks like they were sure having a good time with those lightsabers!


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