Gestating mummy's freakout

Sleep has not been A-OK these past few weeks. It started with on-call nights and inability to go back to sleep right away after answering a hospital page. Then it progressed to not feeling comfortable in our bedroom:
was it the bed?
was it the temperature?
was it my super hot husband? (hot as in perfect blanket for winter but when it's summer, not so much) Sorry hubs.

I sleep much faster (as in 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes to >1 hour in our bedroom) in Isabel's room.
Twin bed is firmer.
The fan is blasting on my whole body and face with the AC on
Isabel (though she kicks me several times in the night, punches me in the face) is so sweet-baby smelling and does not emit HOTness like hubs

So back to the freak out -- I was in Isabel's room. And yes, she graduated from her crib to sleeping on the twin bed with her momma! which is a regression. (improvement and regression = not a win)

I alternate sleeping on my Left side and right side every few minutes to couple of hours.

Last night, I must have been lying on my right side for a LOOONNNG time. I felt my entire R arm and R leg numb! numb and weak-ish?

I know that Preggo ladies are advised to sleep on the left side so that the uterus is not putting much weight on the liver and portal vein. And that sleeping on the left side has been the recommendation for a long time because "much better blood flow back to my heart (?)" but omigosh, since I did not listen and slept on my right side, I am now paralyzed!?!? of course my brain started processing things. I tried localizing the "lesion". How could lying on my right side cause spine problems? And therefor neurological problems?!

the seconds and minutes of improvement occurred oh-so-slowly. that's when I realized it was probably just a pressure paresthesia. (pressure on the nerves or whatever causing my extremities numb) here I am diagnosing myself. Kinda like how one has Saturday night palsy? Falling asleep with arm over the chair/arm rest then causing weakness and numbness bec of pressure placed on the radial nerve? I have never experienced this myself, just what I learn from the books.

So that's my freakout. I thought I did something harmful because i slept on my right side. Thank goodness, NOTHING happened really. I am back to 100% strength and sensory processing. :)

So tonight is the night. I won't sleep next to Isabel. I am stopping by Target and buy another fan to use in our bedroom because the AC and the ceiling fan are obviously not enough for this pregnant mummy.

I will sleep next to my HOT husband... who actually gave me a back massage after that 3:30a episode. I did move back to our bedroom as soon as I got my strength back and the pins and needles are gone on my right side.

Here's my pregnancy freakout with Daniel. Clots? Nope, just a very bad Charley horse.

This entry, by no means, is intended for diagnosis, treatment or management of health symptoms. If you have any concerns or questions regarding pregnancy, persistent or recurrent numbness and tingling, weakness, anything, please contact your OB or your doctor.

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  1. Stephen gets SOOO hot at night too! I don't know how he emits so much heat, haha. I used to always be cold at night before I got married which never ever happens now. I'm sorry about your sleeping troubles but I did have to smile about you localizing the lesion, etc. The downsides of being in medicine!


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