7 quick takes vol 34

Joining Jen and her gang for another 7QT Friday link-up.

1. Have you read Jen's post about survival mode? Totally true! I love this post. I am saving it for future reading especially when I need some uplifting. Thanks Jen!

2. Some new blog finds (for me! but you might be cool enough to be followers already)

Christy C -- she's so fashionable. I love her prada purse and vintage LV. She's a cool mom and geriatrician
Stephanie of prettyanddelectable. She's a mom of 2 and has the best view from her Kitchen Nook! I envy her. Oregon is such a beautiful place.
Laura of alittlebitoflacquer. She's a Harvard MS4 and expecting her first baby. I think we are due at the same time. I love her "bump" style. She's inspired me to spice up my wardrobe for the remaining 8.5 weeks (or less!)

3. Check out my post for what I wore Wednesday -- why I put so much time to what I wear!

4. I truly enjoy weeks when my sister is visiting!
She had our little princess Sunday night to Monday. They had a tita-&-me bonding day. Isabel got her first pedicure! people are surprised I haven't given her a pedicure since I am such a girly girl. My fear is that she will just ask me over and over to paint her nails... haha.
She already asks me to apply lipstick on her when she watches me re-apply mine. She also loves to put lotion on her body (again, she sees her high-maintenance mother do it)

Instapix from my sistah.
Can't wait to see her post of her day with Isabel. With so many more pictures!

5. It's a big, big, big revved up day tomorrow!
my eldest is turning 4 years old! my sweet baby boy is 4! I cannot believe it. He's been asking about his party a lot. He saw me finish his party favors last night and he said: they are nice mummy. I like them for my party!

Speaking of birthdays -- we have quite a list for July.
-July 17: long-time friend, Chem lab partner in college, D. oh how I miss her. We use to see each other at least twice a year. Summer and Christmas time. Summer to celebrate our birthdays or go to the State Fair and Christmas Time to celebrate holiday cheer. Since she lives in a different city now, it's been difficult finding time to meet up.
-July 20: Daniel
-July 24: twins Suzanne and Derrick (hubs)
-July 30: Dr. ASM, my awesome friend who lives in St. Louis right now finishing her Peds Cardiology fellowship

6. New S3x study:
Just read Stephanie's 7qt post. Thanks for sharing. It's an amazing new study and I just have to share. As Stephanie wrote: What can I say – monogamous, married, sacramental sex is awesome.

7. Picture I am sharing

Happy Friday y'all!!!


  1. Anonymous7/19/2013

    Thanks for including me in your post! :) Yay for first pedicures, and happy birthday to your son... Enjoy the celebration!

  2. I loved Jen's post! Definitely a keeper. And Happy Birthday to Daniel


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