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It's midweek and it's time to share what I wore. I agree with Lindsey: she says: I was motivated to put a little extra time into myself. and the result? i feel much better about myself! i have become more confident in my style and enjoy taking little risks and trying new things!

When I am cold and depressed especially during inpatient months -- I definitely wear an outfit that reflects my fun side. I also started wearing bright red lipstick back in the winter. Again, result: maybe I look more mature??? and maybe I look more my age instead of 16 and pregnant? and yes, it spices up my work day! And best of all, hubs like it.

Let me share a story: I was a third year medical student. It was my first clinical rotation after 2 years of hanging out with medical books. I had this weird, not-so-true notion that I should wear black pants and buttoned down shirts if I am in the hospital. So that's what I did. It was not fun! I was sad and depressed. (well, it's not mostly because of my outfits that dragged me down -- there are other stuff etc) but dressing up for work did not help my mood during those first weeks of clinical duties. I wore black pants, boring... and shirts/sweaters without any jewelry, again boring.

I realized my mistake and started wearing my favorite clothes that are appropriate for work. I saw a difference in my attitude and mood. I dress up for my continuity clinics too. Thurs mornings are my days to wear my favorite skirt, dress or necklace. The other days are also fun but I feel like I should be presentable to my patients. (Continuity clinics are mandated during residency. We are still under a staff physician and he/she supervises us but patients in our continuity clinics are OUR patients. The patients and their parents know ME as their primary neurologist).

Outfit 1:
Motherhood Maternity top, very feminine with sequins and beads and flowers.
I added my pearl necklace seen here.
My Colts blue skirt is from Old Navy Maternity.
This pair of Bandolino peep-toes are also fun.

Outfit 2:
This top is from Motherhood Maternity. Also worn here.
I paired it with my chunky turqouise necklace from zulily.

{1} I'm still working on my iPhone cam timer. Can't get quite get it. See my left arm on the first pict? Not quite in place when the timer went off.
{2} zooming in on my bright pink lipstick and necklace
{3} my own photo shoot.... At work. Nobody was out in the hallway.

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  1. Anonymous7/18/2013

    After spending lots of time in the hospital, I can say that is brightens your patients' days when you dress fun. Also, I love love love that necklace!

    We will be in clinics on a Thursday morning next month- hopefully we see a beautifully dressed pregnant mama there ;)

  2. Anonymous7/19/2013

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Blue is my favorite color, so I'm loving your necklace. It's great to meet another physician/mother/blogger! I'm following you now on twitter and bloglovin'... let's keep in touch! :)


Thank you for your comments!

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