Isabel's feast day

Alright my fellow Americans .... It's 4th of July, happy Independence Day.
It's also my little girl's feast day or name day. She's named after st. Isabel of Portugal whose feast we celebrate today.

Very laid back day {as in lazy day here}. We thought we will go to the pool but it's been cloudy. Then we planned to go to the movies and timing just got pushed back and back. So just like any other American family we had chick fil A for lunch yumm... And possibly later share a red velvet cupcake.

A. I ask Ms. Isabel to pose, she gives me this look with her baby Stella
B. somebody's wearing red white and blue
C. Here's your paci, baby Stella.. The only baby who likes the pacifier in this house.

My post from last year's feast. notice the exercise ball in the same place. Yes,we have used it and moved it in the past year. It just loves that corner of the family room.

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