Happy birthday, Love

The love of my life is celebrating his birthday today! Just as my birthday is so close to my mom's, derrick's birthday is just 4 days after our eldest's!

Daniel's first birthday party was on Derrick's birthday in 2010. Instead of asking his own celebration etc, he gave up his day for his son. That's the man I married. Always placing his family before himself. I always tell him: I'm married to a saint-in-the-making.

Instead of his usual request of steak for his birthday dinner, we had a fried chicken dinner at Hollyhock Hill. I love that place. The last time we were there was in college with other IUPUI student foundation steering committee members for an end of the year dinner. Derrick and I were both active steering comm members of IUPUI SF. That was back in 2004! Almost 10 years ago.

{1} the birthday celebrant.
{2} oh you can see me in the mirror!
{3} showing off my dress also seen here.
{4} ootd: maxi maternity dress from zulily; necklace bday gift from my MIL; purse Burberry; t-strap sandals from Bakers. These sandals are old. I found them this weekend while cleaning out my shoe closet.

Hubs and I enjoyed our traditional dinner. From salad, beets, cottage cheese, veggie platter, biscuit and apple butter to the main course: fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and green beans. We finished our very filling meal with each a scoop of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch, creme de mint and/or chocolate syrup....

We didn't touch the beets and we both said no to the tomato juice. Because of reflux, I stay away as much as I can to tomato based soups or sauces. I still like some bolognese but just a little bit.

To my hubs, happy birthday! I enjoyed our dinner date.
Love you always,

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  1. Anonymous7/25/2013

    What a fun celebration! I actually love beets. :D Pretty dress and bag! My friend has the same bag and that material is so durable. Have a wonderful day!


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