All about Daniel vol 6

Me: do you want chicken, Daniel?
D: yeah
Me: how about KFC?
D: no
Me: chick FIL a?
D: yeah, I like cows. {eat more chikin'}

Daniel and Isabel taking care of their pregnant momma
Isabel taking my blood pressure
Daniel giving me tons of IM shots
Me: Daniel, do you want to be an anesthesiologist? A type of doctor that uses lots of needles and syringes?
D: nope, I wanna be a scrubber
Me: a scrubber?
D: with an imaginary Doppler ultrasound, he started checking my pregnant belly.
Me: oh an OB? A doctor who takes care of Babies in mamas' belly.
D: yeah a scrubber.
He has been to two OB prenatal checkups and loved helping out as Dr. G measured my belly and looked for baby D3's heartbeat.

Daniel singing T. Swift:
We-eeh ever, ever. Ever. Back to ever.
My friend chuck. U friend chuck. To me.
We-eeh ever, ever, ever. Back to ever.

Me: Daniel, please help Isabel.
D: I can't, I'm busy.

D: what's this, mummy? A Hani-tizer?

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