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1. I made it to blogging everyday this week! I was afraid to commit but in the end, I blogged everyday.
Monday - bump update
Tuesday - all about Daniel edition, check it our for some T. Swift
Wednesday - hubs' birthday
Thursday - bump it at work, my wardrobe this week
Friday - my 7QT
weekend - be on the look-out!

2. My girl is truly like her mummy, though she looks like her daddy.

Here she is checking out cosmetics while we wait for my prescription refill. She gravitates towards nail polish and lip gloss.

3. Electives are fun!
These months are few and far in between during residency. I only had two months during first two years in Peds residency. I had to finish core requirements which included ward months, ICU months etc. my Neuro residency has more months for electives. I've done 2 so far, right now finishing my 3rd month of elective. Too bad this month is coming to an end. I like working with my mentor a lot.

4. Student shadowing
I knew I wanted to teach med students, residents etc as part of my career. Teaching is one reason I'm staying in the academic world, so I can continue interacting with students and residents.
As one of my preceptors in med school said, students keep me on my toes! Student doctors, having finished core classes just months ago instead of years ago have fresher memories of the Krebs cycle, electron transport chain, histology, embryology etc etc.
I've worked with other residents (Peds, internal medicine, psych) in the past, as well as med students (student doctors). But this was the first time I've worked with a high school student in terms of shadowing. I enjoyed my week with my "shadow".
Of couse I was trying to recruit for pediatric neurology!

5. Exposing our kids to different cuisines has turned out to be a good thing for the family. Wherever we go for our "regular" places when we eat out, the kids have their favorite entree.
Japanese - udon noodles
Indian - tandoori chicken for Daniel, tikka masala and basmati rice for Isabel
Chinese - anything with rice for Isabel, honey chicken or beef lomein for Daniel
Filipino (not really eating out! either from our kitchen or their grandparents')- pancit for the kids. The pancit is made by their Lola (my mother in law)

My kids are not fond of Italian that much. Not pasta lovers for my crew. I love pasta though!

6. Royal baby
Who is not crazy for a new baby? I've been on a baby watch since Friday 7/19. I told my husband, Catherine better deliver 7/20 so the royal baby and Daniel will have the same birthday. I checked twitter periodically during the weekend and still no baby! It was my sister who sent me the text about the royal prince's birth. I was way out of the loop for baby watch. That's what happens when I'm out saving lives. {I'm being dramatic here, I don't work at the Icu or the ER. But I do like saying: "I'm going now. Ready to save lives!" When I'm at the wards}

I love Kate's going home dress. Ill have to rethink my going home outfit! No sweats for me.
A learning lesson from the going home picture though. Prince George is not strapped correctly in his carseat! oh no!

Read more about it here from the perspective of a mom and pediatrician.

7. Video I am sharing:
My little boy finished his second month of swim lessons. He has gone a long way. I remember his first day -- he was kicking and thrashing, did not want to go to the pool. I had to carry him and physically hand him to the instructor. After 12 lessons, as part of their "last class" at the natatorium this month, they jumped in the deeper pool (6 feet 6 inches) from the diving stand. He did it 4x! I am so, so proud of my little boy.

Head over to Jen's for more!

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  1. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Yay for electives! I forgot the Krebs cycle long ago. :P Congrats to your son on his swimming success! My girls were the exact opposite... the first time we took them to a pool when they were 2, they jumped right in without any fear! Fortunately my husband was already in the pool to catch them. They started taking swimming lessons shortly after that and love it!


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