We bleed blue {Sunday style and wiws}

It's an impromptu decision to see our men in blue at the Colts training camp an hour away. The weather forecast was pretty good. Plus we have been wanting to see them at camp but just never done it.

The temps were in the mid 60s which is pretty much perfect for this pregnant momma. I couldn't imagine sitting on the bleachers with 90deg temps.

We attended Mass at the north side of the city -- actually in the suburbs. Daniel asked: what is this place? Unsure of the location, not seeing the familiar facade of our home parish.

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: C even after being warned to finish his left over chicken nugget outside the sanctuary, he still managed to find a lone nugget in my mom's purse and started eating it during the opening hymn. He might have redeemed himself the second half of Mass by sitting quietly on my mom's lap but I still won't upgrade his grade.
Isabel: B semi-ok. The minion toy that came with the chxn nugget kept her busy. Then Lola kept her busy too.

Now for what we wore Sunday, you guessed it: blue.

Top: nonmaternity b. rep
Skirt: motherhood maternity
Toms gold glitter classics

Missing Daniel? He won't let us take his picture...

And my men in blue:

Except for Andrew luck in red. #12

Kick it vinatieri!

Link it real good: plane pretty, FLAP

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