7 quick takes vol 33

Hello Friday!
I'm joining Jen and other quick takers today.

1. Fam time
My sis and nephew are here!

This is me -- not my sister.
And this is my nephew.

Chia seeds - finally bought some from Costco. I tried them with my salmon Monday, then fruit and honey on Wednesday.
So far so good. I got full right away on Monday or was it just coincidence that I was snacking on pistachios right before the meal so I wasn't hungry to begin with?
The honey and fruit with chia cereal was not enough Wednesday. I gave in and ate half a bagel after.
Any recipes out there?
There's chia smoothie and chiafrapp from Grace.

3. Dinner
The Peds Neuro female residents went for a celeb last Tuesday at my fave Italian resto here in Indy.
Reasons to celebrate (from one of my colleagues)
July 1st marks big changes that require an outdoor dinner
celebration. S is on neuro anatomy (enough
said), JG and K are done with in house call and adults F
O R E V E R, Sarah is growing a human, and well JB is just always
awesome. Anyone interested?

We cancelled last week and rescheduled for Tuesday. It was worth it and fun. And just like any other hang out with med folks, we still talked about work outside of work. Oooops... Work-life balance people. Come on!

A memorable despedida (going away party) for my good friend last Wednesday. We had palabok made by sister, another Filipino dish.
Ill miss her tons!!!

This was from Friday lunch. Not Wednesday. (What's up with me with pix not correlating at all with my takes?! Sorry)

Things we do for our kids:
I brought Daniel's lightsaber at work. I got stares at the people mover (slow train connecting our hospitals) as I met my family for lunch. Now the boys will have two lightsabers again for the weekend.

Our house in the middle of the street.
We live on a busy street. We have a long driveway so that helps distancing ourselves a bit from the noisy traffic.
My one dislike is the litterbugs leaving unwanted stuff and trash pretty much on our sidewalk! We have had empty chip bags, beer bottles, snack wrappers etc thrown on our grass and sidewalk.
Once, there was a car parked at the end of the driveway. It ran out of gas. Hubs checked up on the driver making sure it's not another person who had a seizure and hit our wall. The driver's friend came back with liter bottles of gas. As soon as they refilled their tank, they discarded the bottles and left them on our sidewalk. Arrggh!!!
Our most recent find was a disposed black purse (probably stolen). Of course, we called the police because I am not touching that purse and get my prints on it.

Check out my post about our brickwall saving our house from a woman who had a seizure and crashed her car.

7. Picture(s) I'm sharing.

Buh-bye friend! Ill miss you.
My sis is the one on the right.
Spot the photobomber...

View of the canal, Buggs temple at the right (where we had Friday lunch) and downtown Indy from the people mover Canal station.

Happy Friday!


  1. haha- talking about work outside of work just always seems to happen. And that's awful about the litter and gas cans!

  2. Anonymous7/16/2013

    I just found your blog through FLAP. My son is getting treatment with the Neuro team in Indy and I definitely know which residents you are talking about- small world!
    We love K ;)


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