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Woohoo! It's Sunday and after 4p.
I want to thank my colleagues for awesome teamwork this weekend. I could not have done all of it by myself... I could have but I would have been up all night long... I would have been that physician looking like a zombie with lack of sleep. I would have been super grumpy.
But that was not the case! woohoo!



// fun lipsticks //

We had a home resident who took first call  ~ meaning this doctor received new consults, crosscover questions from primary services and sometimes nurses. Mom/parent calls also went to this doctor's pager first. 
(I took this role before during my training).

I am the "attending physician." The Home call resident can run questions to me, such as plans, changes in meds, plans for followup and testing.
Next, we had somebody rounding with me. Thank you dear resident doctor for your awesome job. I do my best to send the rounding resident at noon specially if they are not on-call. This was not the case this weekend. Sorry! we were busy but you did not turn grumpy green!
Next, instead of covering for EEG call (ie reading all the video EEG and routine stat EEG), I have a colleague who was on with me. whew....  Thank you!

I am not complaining about this weekend. It was busy but it could have been busier!



This outfit was a bit much for "weekend rounding." Some attendings specially those working shifts, wear their scrubs when rounding. The residents whether on-call or just rounding wear scrubs on the weekend. I  gave up all of my scrubs so I don't really have the weekend attire.

I wore this outfit to weekend rounding... minus the booties because they are open-toes. I wore flats instead at the hospital.

Then for Mass, I amped it up with these booties. They are comfortable with footbed cushion. If you have lots of "feet side fat" like me, maybe the holes on the sides may give you a little bit of trouble. It was annoying at first then, I pretty much forgot about it. It did not bother me the rest of the time I wore them.

 Happy Sunday!
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  1. That is such a cute dress. ALL of your Sunday Best's are cute.

  2. I love your dress. Such a cute cut and print and it's perfect with those booties! Very lovely, Sarah!

    1. I like it even more when I paid $1.50 for it! yippee. thanks GAP rewards.

  3. I love your floral dress! It's so pretty! <3

  4. Love the print on that dress! Florals are my favorite :)


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