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This morning was not my best performance as a mom. I am not blaming the sugar detox. It's all on me, folks. all on me.
I have never been a good "getting ready" person. I always tend to push it to the limits. I snooze that alarm, several, several times.
Because of that, I really don't have any lee-way when children are having bad mornings or tantrums.
Every second counts, children.
I am not exaggerating.

It took us three years to finally a get a groove with Daniel. We finally found a trick to use alarms and music in the morning. He hears the song: he goes to brush his teeth. He hears the dog barking: time to put shoes on.
Now we are starting all over again....
There are tantrums and fights every morning. It can be draining.
Some days, I have the patience. I let it go, brush it off and keep on mothering.
This morning, I lacked mercy and patience. I went overboard.
I yelled. I was not patient. I did not give any hugs and I let the crying continue.
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How do you teach your child not to whine? or cry right away?
How do you teach him/her take deep breaths and calm down?
How do you create a calm environment in the morning?
I am not looking for an easy morning, just something manageable. I would like to keep our wits and practice sainthood in the process.
We made up by the time we were at the school gym. there were hugs and kisses and forgiveness.
But how about tomorrow?
how can we survive tomorrow?
Take one day at a time, then?




Looking at these photos of Lucy make hardships of mothering disappear.
Too bad, she left already with hubs when it was tantrum-central at home... otherwise, I'd go get a kiss from her and breathe her sweet-baby smell.

That sweet baby smell gives me hope.

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  1. Love your top! I have the same one or similar one in my Loft cart in case of free shipping. ;)

    And I totally feel for you- we have similar mornings here. That's one of my struggles as a mom- not leaving any room for inevitable kid slowness/ tantrums/ distractions when we need to get out the door early, and that's when things go south! We struggle with our oldest when the clock is ticking to get out the door (especially Sundays!!) but I haven't yet found the recipe for what doesn't cause delays and meltdowns in the mornings. I like that idea you have of finding cues that let the kids know what they need to be doing.
    You're a great mom; no one is perfect and the making up part is what's important. :)


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