floral dress {wiws}


Dress, AE clearance
flats, Burberry
bracelet, gift from my mom
Happy Sunday, friends!
Also Happy birthday to my blog friend, Sylvia. She and I are joining Rosie for this week's Sunday best installment.



I do not have Mass Grades yet. Hubs was the lead usher yesterday. He and Isabel went last night while the boys, Lucy and I stayed at home.
We try not to go with him when he is the lead. He is there 30 minutes before Mass starts and then 20 minutes after Mass. The children also want to join him at the back while he is doing his usher duties. It's like Mama duck and her ducklings (instead it's papa duck and his ducklings)... wherever he is, they follow him.
It'd be ok if they actually behave and help him... but it's hit or miss. He still has to wrestle them while he's helping out. It's distracting. He wrestles them or I wrestle them and try to contain them in the pew with me.
if you want a screaming toddler, then all I have to do is keep them with me while dada helps with presentation of the gifts.  


I have not volunteered for piano accompaniment at Mass.
First, I don't practice as much.
Second, there is no way I am going to serve and play the piano while the children are attending Mass. Not yet... I have to go by myself. I don't want to risk a screaming toddler or crying baby when they realize/see me in front playing the piano. 



Burberry flats, bought during RueLaLa flashsale.

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  1. Love the print on that dress! We were considering for half a second trying to go to Mass when my husband directs the music, and then realized what a miserable idea that was ;)

  2. Beautiful outfit! I especially love the shoes. I try to wear heels but my kids almost trip and me a thousand times getting in and out of the pew at Mass. Lol


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