that guy who didn't like me

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 I went out with a guy who's in my college circle of friends. He's Asian.  He's good looking. He's smart.

Maybe he felt bad so he took me out.  Only once. There was no dinner or kiss. It was just a movie. We saw Charlie's Angels.

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I "hung out" with him several more times but with the rest of  the group. The only one and one interaction was that movie date. Of course, I was sad... I liked him but he didn't feel the same way.

Then I found out later on that he actually likes other Asians but they have to be paler than me. And apparently skinnier than me. My easily tanned skin is not his type.


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Fast forward a decade and a half ~~ I hear destinys child independent women on the radio. I remember this guy.

Instead of being sad, I was thankful. How young and immature I was wanting more from this guy. The reason I liked him was purely looks and because he's smart. I wasn't even thinking husband material. 

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I'm relieved that date didn't have a second date. I look back and just chuckle.
I'm glad he actually didn't like me. I would have a totally different life. I will still be a physician (that I knew -- I was so driven then and now)... but I would not have my 4 babies.

God was looking out for a naive, young, immature college student. He said: nope, he's not it. You won't understand it right now. You'd be sad. But later on, you'll rejoice for a better man.

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