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I am cutting back on my sweets and shakes and watching my carb intake...
I am in a terrible state. I am cranky. I am tired. I am obsessed with getting something sweet.
I haven't been totally sugar-free. I had a small block of Hershey's dark chocolate today after my last patient in clinic. It's not as sweet and calorie-dense as the shakes I have been slurping, so I gave myself a break.
I hate being mean to people around me. I was easily annoyed this morning at school drop-off. The school changed the drop off and parent sign-in policy AGAIN... for the 4th time. :/
Last week was smooth and quick. This week, ugh, not so much. I was not nice to the first grade teachers. Poor ladies. They were probably thinking: that crazy, mom, chillax will ya?


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I cut back on the pasta and the grains. After a hearty dinner, all I could think of was dessert... aka ice cream or shakes (that 1/2 off happy hour shakes got me).
But I cannot have ice cream or shakes everyday.
I just cannot.
People say: you're so tiny. You're fine.
heck, I plotted my weight and height on that BMI curve  at the doctor's office on Monday.
guess where I am at now:
 I am overweight. whaaaa????
When I mentioned this to my doctor during my annual exam - she was surprised. Apparently I do not look overweight. The NP student working with her stated, BMI is just not good scale. we should just start measuring abdominal girth.
well, let's measure mine! Because it will say the same thing --- not doing well with your diet sweetie.. My belly is poochy. It is flabby. It is big.
It's not just because I had 4 pregnancies.
What people cannot see, I can see.
My one-size-up clothes are getting tight. These are one-size-up clothes ok....
when I eat tons of sugar and grains -- I don't feel good.
When I eat right by eating more greens and protein, limiting my carbs - I feel much better. surprise, surprise.

My goals:
That I may be successful with this sugar detox because I do have a (+) family history of  Diabetes Mellitus (DM).
That I will be nice and patient to all those around me during this process.
That I will make good choices.

If you have a sweet tooth, how do you limit yourself with your sweet intake? How did you break the bad habit of a bad diet?

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