fancy driver

// fancy flats //


dress, Old Navy, thrifted
watch, exact one
Burberry bowler bag
Bandolino flats

 Besides being a mom, I am also a chauffeur.
I drop off and pick up.
We can spend quite some time in the car and unfortunately lunches and snacks happen in there too.
Every time I reach to the back, I feel like a jeepney driver.



What's a jeepney driver?
Jeepneys are main public transportation in the Philippines. The jeepney drivers collect fare by extending their arm to the back all the while keeping their eyes in front and watching traffic and driving.
I feel like a jeepney driver.  
Instead of getting fare from my passengers, they give me dirty wipes and empty cups.
Instead of handing out change, I give napkins, nuggets and fries.

//  my watch //

Experienced moms have warn me about the future -- the times I will spend in the car, shuttling children from one activity to another.
A mom told me: we "lived" in the car. I picked them up from school. They change to their soccer gear. Then we go through the drive-through. Then off to the next activity. We did everything there except take a shower.

We are not "there" yet. We do not live in the car.
Although we do go through the drive-thru of Chick-fil-A, starbucks and Steak and Shake.


// for your toes //

How about you?
Any tips for survival?

Do you pack a cooler with deli meats and bread and cheese?
Do you go through the drive-thru?

How do you deal with the dinner craziness when soccer practice, ballet dance and other activities are around dinner time?

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