more beach time + wave surfing + my swimsuit {7qt}

My seven quick takes for day 3 and 4 of our North Topsail Beach summer vacation.

1. On day 2, I posted the cutest beach babe in the planet.
Those were actually taken on day 3 (oops!) those should have been on this post.
It was an honest mistake. we were at the beach every single day for 5-6 hours. I did not check the dates until today.

2. Day 3 (Monday) was spent at the beach (duh) then after dinner treat at Island Delights.  They were very generous with their scoops.  Teaser: we went back to this place later on the week and met up with a friend! 
The video also shows the next day (day 4 Tuesday). We had lunch at the sushi place that we went to 2 years ago.

3. day 4 swimsuit for the beachbabe.

swimsuit, c/o Auntie Feli
sunscreen (that I used), only SPF 30
4.  For extra viewing time and those brave at heart ~ here's the fresh crab video part I and part II.

Take it with a grain of salt. I am Asian with lots of melanin and  I easily tan.

6. The last snap on the video above, showed a tiny figure wave surfing. That was me. We got inexpensive ones at the souvenir surf shop. Mine already broke.  We saw a lot of swimmers using this and this. I have my eye on this one for future beach trips.
7.  I found my swimsuit on amazon.  sadly, it's more expensive there. I got mine during a flash sale on hautelook. Let's use the stock photo from amazon instead of me modeling my suit. I like bandeau tops/one pieces because they do not leave strap tan lines. The support on the sides is enough to hold it up even though I was wave surfing. I did not have to use the detachable straps. The bottom is also moderate to full coverage.


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