life lately {sqt}

^making fun of  hands-on -hip pose ^

1. My sweets and I are a little over a month away celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. Seriously, a decade already?

2.  1/2 off happy-hour shakes are so not good for my diet...
but how can you beat 2 black raspberry chocolate chip shakes, 1 side-by-side strawberry milkshake and 1 strawberry milkshake for $7.63! That's maybe a grande soy latte + banana bread at Sbux.

 3. I am on call again this weekend.
let's leave it at that.




4. Daniel needs practice on his camera skills.  I had to crop our photos... our feet are missing.

5. Recent purchases that I am loving
Aerosoles - I found these peep toe booties on a flashsale on hautelook. Size 8 was too big... so I had to return it. Good thing it was actually the same price on Amazon! yay.

Chinos - fun, fun colors on sale on jcrew. I have the 3" chinos -- in blue, green, lavender and honey wheat. If you like it, buy it in all colors right?

6. I love the public library. Since we don't have Netflix,  I wait for the DVDs and movies on the library and binge watch that way..
One other thing --- we killed time before 2p (the 1/2 off  happy hour milkshake start time). I drove to the library next to S&S.  I brought my laptop so I can work on a few things. Lucy was asleep so I parked and voila - the public wifi can reach to the parking lot! amazing. I got work stuff done in 20 minutes... then we drove to get our shakes!

7. Lucy is 14 mos old today. I love the way she signs! she signs milk and more. She dances when she gets food. She loves food! this girl can eat a lot.  Some new things She has tried that (no surprise) she enjoyed are cheese sticks, corn on the cob, honey rolls.

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  1. These pictures of you and your husband are so cute!!!
    Oh my, those happy hour shakes sound amazing. There are so many times in which I'm grateful that I don't have a car, so I can't go to happy hour deals like that while my husband is at work :P

  2. Yes! We don't have Netflix either, so the library is awesome for DVDs. :)
    Love your dress, and, wow, 10 years is a big anniversary to celebrate!

    1. we were hoping Italy --- nope not this year... maybe Hawaii -- nope not that either.


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