patient fired me... then rehired me.

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Second opinions in medicine are common. I am certain I have quite a few no-shows or no followup patients because they sought second opinions... reasons may be: because they did not like my management or plan; or they did not like me or my staff; or I am too far away; or for any other reason.
Sometimes, I even wonder why patients/families do not seek second opinion but instead stay in my practice but yell at my staff or complain, complain, complain. Some do not follow ANYTHING I suggest. Yet they still show up to appointments. Some argue. Some don't.

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 A mother was so unhappy with my plan because I did not give in and order a study just like what she wanted.  I understand that brain anomalies are scary stuff to non-neurologists and lay people. I tried to explain why repeat imaging is not necessary.

Mrs. Worried/Upset Mom: How do you know nothing is going on?

I answered: that's why I want to see you all back. I monitor how your child is doing.

Reassurance did not help Mrs. Worried Mom.

We were not on the same page... she was worried about something and I was worried about something else. Isn't this the same scenario in marriage or parenting or any other relationship?  There's often miscommunication or conflict but it can be easily (?) fixed if we only ask what is bothering the other person.

To listen instead of wanting to be heard all the time.




Mrs. Worried/Upset Mom: well, I want a second opinion. 

I responded: ok, that's fine. so and so hospital and so and so group will be able to help you. I am ok if you seek second opinion.

I left the room a few minutes after that. I did not want to be in there when Mrs. Worried/Upset mom explodes.

I told my checkout staff that Mrs. Worried/Upset mom needs the number for so and so Hospital and so and so group for second opinion.


A few minutes later, I came out to ask my check out staff for something else.  They mentioned that I was actually rehired... as in, Mrs. Worried/Upset mom made an appt to bring back her child for a return appointment to see me.

I thought I was fired (maybe for the best???)

But I was actually rehired a few minutes later.

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