North Topsail Beach day one {photo diary}

This was our first time driving overnight. Instead of leaving at 3a, we left at 10p. Hubs and I were both off anyway so we ran errands and then took naps. The children were so excited that hubs was still loading the car and they endured the heat inside buckled in their car seats.

By 1a, 3/4 children were sleeping. By 2:30a, 4/4 children. We made good time and they didn't even wake up when we refueled.

Our first long stop was at Winston-Salem at a Starbucks. It was my turn to commandeer the pilot. after that. I grabbed my latte and played top pop station (thanks Amazon prime). I could have driven all the way to Jacksonville, NC if not for an empty tank.  We stopped for another time at the gas pump.

We made it to the Filipino restaurant near my sister's around lunchtime. After lunch and hanging out at her house, we headed towards the beach house.

 We didn't have food yet (refrigerator saga) so we had burgers and shakes at HIGHWAY 55 for dinner. Then we couldn't hold off any longer. We walked at the beach after dinner.

Here's my new niece, Ellie! She's precious!

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  1. Whew- you guys are rockstars for driving overnight! And how was Highway 55? I've never been there.


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