children and the olympics


Top, BR
skirt via hautelook
wedges, aerosoles
Alexander McQueen handbag


D: we are loosing. We should have the hulk with us. Then we are going to win.

 Me: They  are wearing speedos.
D: Yes. Just like uncle B. 

 D: Did you watch the entire thing? (talking about Phelps' win and then the tape-delay gymnastics.)
 Me: Yes    (I stayed up till MN)
D: No fair
Me: That's why I'm sluggish today.
Hubs: highlights are better.


D: Why do you have to be good on the Olympics and then quit? (re: phelps' retirement)
Hubs: You quit while you're on top

Me: He's retiring. time to retire. he is old.   (re: phelps again)
D: he can try baseball after swimming. 

D: is he faster than a cheetah?
(asking about Usain Bolt)

Isabel: My favorite in the Olympics is gymnastics
(No surprise there)


These kids are soooo funny.
Bastian (almost 3), Lucy (14 mos), Isabel (almost 5), Daniel (7)

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