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peplum top, Anthro last year
skirt, fun zipper at the back, similar
old kitten heels, similar,

Let's take a little bit of a break from my vacation photo diary.  but if you're not up-to-date, here's day 1 and day 2....
Do you remember your first love?
Do you remember what started it all?
Before you say yes, I remember this girl or boy in highschool or Middle school -- let me stop you there.
I am talking about first love on your (purse/handbag) collection ~ or whatever collection you have.

My first love, the one that started it all, is this Louis Vuitton purchased by my sweet husband in 2010. It's a discontinued style. If I want to sell it (and I WON'T ever!), I would recoup what hubs paid for ~6 years ago. There was no devaluation apparently.
Louis Vuitton (some styles) have awesome resell value!
But that's not the reason it's my first love or favorite designer, luxury item/brand.

I am just going to blame my Lolo Pers.
I remember this very distinctly.
Isis, when you are a doctor, you should get yourself a Louis Vuitton bag.
I was probably less than 8 or 10 years old. I had no clue who/what Louis Vuitton is. I haven't even seen the famous monogram.  But I was definitely intrigued.
Then I laid my eyes on a Louis, years later. I was already in college.
My Lolo was right.  I made up my mind, I should get a Louis Vuitton. Not a replica... But the real thing.


Other people collect mugs or spoons.... or cars.... or expensive wine.
I have a thing for handbags. Louis is my first handbag love.

Lucy agrees.

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