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My older two are back in school. D had his first day of second grade yesterday. Today is Isabel's first day at TK.

What is TK?
Transitional kindergarten.

It's geared towards children who are close to turning 5 years old and are ready for kindergarten but the birthday cut off did not allow them to join the Kindergarteners this year.

Transitional Kindergarten is a special preschool program at our parish school. Not all places offer TK.  It's a practice kindergarten  year essentially.

There was a lot of complaints here in Indiana when kindergarten went to full day several years ago.
I went to a preschool program in the Philippines. I also went to full day Kindergarten. I turned out ok, did not I?


Lucy's sperry's!

We debated for awhile which class to enroll Isabel.  We could have just kept her at the 3 day/week preschool program. She did that last schoolyear.
Most of her classmates went to TK. Some opted to stay in the preschool program.
We also thought that 2 days on and off,  then back at school again for one day was not "routine" enough for her. Her sleeping schedule was all over the place. We dealt with lots of morning tantrums. She loved school but getting ready for school was a stressor for the entire family.
I used the timer for my eldest to remind him that it's time to get out of the house, put his shoes on etc. It worked for him.  It stressed out Isabel.

A part of me wants to keep Isabel young. She's only a child once. Why rush to full day school, 5 days a week, right?
The good news, they still have nap time and quiet time in the afternoon. You can call it glorified daycare if you want. I don't mind.

I do like it that the TK children are dropped off at the gym just like the rest of the school. They participate in the morning prayers and flag ceremony.  They pretty much follow the regular schoolyear calendar. They also join the rest of the school for weekly Mass. The preschoolers did not do that.
I am still torn. I am getting sentimental that our summer is over. I won't see her or Daniel as much as the younger two.
But I will try to make the most out of the crazy hours of 3:30-bedtime with them.
It will be another adjustment for our family with second grade homework and afterschool routine.

Pray for us, will you?
mainly for this momma to practice patience and give more love.

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