sand time + blogger meet-up {photo diary}

Day 5 and 6 North Topsail Beach photo diary.

For day 1
day 2
day 3/4

The choppers flew over us twice a day
Camp Lejeune was 20 miles away
bye, bye beach umbrella. after protecting our family from the sun's rays for 6 years, we had to leave you in NC in pieces.

My dad went the day before to Jacksonville and bought milkfish, mackerel and squid to grill. Lunch was amazing! I had never gutted fish before (eeek) but have seen my grandma do it. I gladly let dad do all the fish-gut cleaning.

Thanks, dad, for such a lovely lunch. The children loved the grilled seafood.


Belle's Ariel swimsuit, c/o Auntie Feli

Next day, we went back to Island Delights....


...and met this sweet lady and her family.

This blogging world never ceases to amaze me. I would not have met Lisa and her fam w/o WIWS link-ups, 7 quick takes and now Sunday Best posts.

It was not like an awkward blind date... or "family blind date" as Lisa's husband said. It was easy to talk to her and her fam. What a fun coincidence to be spending the same week at North Topsail Beach.

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  1. Yum, grilled seafood sounds so good! And glad we got to meet up. :)
    Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention- love the new header!


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