Sunday outfit + beach babe

For Day 1 - drive down, head here

The blurry iphone photo diary continues. I brought my big cam but I did not want to get sand all over it.

Lucy's beach outfit
twopiece ~ gift from her godmom
hat ~ wholeparenting

Jcrew dress - thrifted via ThredUp
reef sandals, very old
Louis Vuitton Crossbody, babymoon present
hairwrap, floral, similar

Fun things to remember from Day 2 at North Topsail Beach
~ we went to Mass at the pavilion of All Saints Church at Surf City. The priest was Filipino.
~ Lucy wore her two piece suit from her Ninang for the first time. She loved the beach! She ate sand. She licked her hands/fingers several times. Saltwater is her fave.


more fun things to remember:
~ tide pools are so awesome. Bastian who is afraid of the waves was content just splashing at the edge of the tide pool (see him above, just sitting close to his dada)
~ the beach walkway was just a minute from the house. we went twice a day at the beach.
~ It was a hot week. I went to the water more frequently than I thought I would. Oceanwater is so refreshing.

The beach houses in North Topsail all have stilts. Ourwas a 2 bedroom/1 bath beach house, all in one floor. The bottom floor (seen on above photos) has a swing, picnic bench and tables where we had our lunch almost everyday.
My most favorite thing: the outside shower!
We gave the children showers outside instead of taking them all the way to the main bathroom.



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  1. That dress is such a pretty color on you! You and Lucy are adorable :)

  2. So sweet! After living in Texas for so long, I forgot that most houses have more than one story. I get winded when I visit somewhere with stairs inside. :/


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