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I was approached by Alicia to link up for this week's topic at the Zelie group. St. Zelie is special to me because she's the mom of St. Therese of Lisieux. My Lucy Therese is named after St. Therese.

This week's topic is back to school.


1. What is your best school memory from your childhood?
I have lots. I loved school. I liked wearing my school uniform. I liked carrying my backpack. I loved learning and reading. That was a good sign because I went into a field of lifelong learning.
Field trips were so much fun too.

I also loved having "new things" for  first day of school. Whether that would be socks or pencils or shoes.

^ look at these baby feet.
just ignore my forearm's flabby skin. yikes ^

// my young self was all about HK. my grown-up self still likes HK //

2. Do you have any back-to-school family traditions?
Earlier on, I took Daniel to a mommy and me brunch date the day before his first day of school. unfortunately we stopped doing that as I added more children (oops) It was harder to find childcare... and of course, I had to take days off etc etc.
I want to bring that  tradition back though.
One back-to-school tradition that I loved when I was young was our annual trip to Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine. My grandma took us there for our yearly pilgrimage. Then on our way home, we stopped by the mall and bought our new shoes, new backpacks and school supplies.
This was the time before online shopping and amazon prime. We lived in the province too. So to get good quality notebooks and bags and markers, we were blessed enough to have the means to go to the city.
3. Markers or colored pencils?
Just in case you have any doubts -- let me amuse you.
For outfit deets:
maxi dress, tube top/strapless, to be more appropriate at work, I added the cropped lace
heels, Cole Haan during hautelook flash sale
Alexander McQueen Heroine bag

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  1. That looks like quite the collection! :) A "mommy date" sounds like it would be a special way to start off the school year.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your thoughts! Hope to see you next week for "Prayer." :)

  2. I loved back-to-school shopping, too. And HK is still a favourite. I keep my craft supplies in HK lunchboxes. Thanks for joining us for JEI!


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